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    Ally and Pakboat

    This is to respond to Berger's question about the folding canoe models by Ally and Pakboat. I've used both of these boats on month-long solo trips on a number of Alaska rivers and I recommend them highly. You just rig the seat towards the center and trim your load depending on whether you want to favor tracking on flat water or maneuverability on more technical runs and they're great. They flex some in wave trains - a little unsettling at first if you're used to hard-shell boats - but it's actually an advantage as they don't burrow the bow and as a result, they take on less water. You can (and this is heresy in some quarters) paddle them with a kayak paddle, making it easier to correct course in windy conditions. You just have to hit your lines - as you can imagine, they won't stand for a lot of hammering off rocks.


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      I and my two hunting partners have used Sevylor Fish Hunter HF-360 for seven years now. No problems, but I do use the cadura nylon boot ($100.00 option) to protect the boat from the gravel and sweepers. I have used it in the Brooks, and lots of other streams down in the Alaska Range. The boots take a beating and we had to replace them last year, but so far no holes in the boats. When we get flowen in these boats are a lot lighter than others, like 48 lbs. and that means more meat can be flown out with the boat.

      The way we do it is we place out gear in the bottom of the boat, and sit on the front with our feet hanging over the front, leaning back on the gear bags. This feels like sitting in a recliner. I use a kayak paddle to stay off sweepers, and stay in the faster water.

      Once we knock down a Moose, Caribou, or bear, we cut willow branches and lay them across the boat from the middle to the back. We lay the meat on these poles so there is air flow under and around the meat. One boat can haul all the meat from one Moose. Load limit is like 1100 lbs. I also have the floor and outboard mount for mine, and use it to take the wife and child out to places like Fielding Lake, Paxson Lake, or to some of the less accessiable lakes by hauling it in with the 4-wheeler. These are expensive, but well worth it to make the wife feel comfortable. I use a 3hp Gamefisher outboard.

      Here is the web site so you can look them up your self. Some people consider them pool toys, well I for one use them all the time due to their light weight, and ease of handling, plus I can afford to replace them with no more than I have in them. But why they work fine for me and my friends. But we do stay out of class IV water. We look for nice gentle streams, we're old men and like to take it easy.

      If you have any more questions PM me. Rog
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