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  • Canoe value?

    So what is the overall consences about the relitive worth of a 19 foot gruman square stern?
    The hull is dented up pretty good with a few poped rivets, but being aluminum it is fixable.
    He wants $800. Seems a bit steep to me but what do you fellas think?



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    Half that

    would be a "good" deal

    $600 might be "0K" if you're really into fixing it up

    I let a grumman sport boat that was in perfect shape go to a freind of mine for $500...........I figure I could have gotten $800 for it easy.......but a sport boat is worth a lot more than a canoe

    bottom line is $800 for a banged up aluminum canoe is no bargain


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      I agree

      Except for the 600 estimate as a "ok" deal... maybe 500...


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        Price for canoe

        I have bought and sold several Aluminum Grum canoes, both double ended and square stern.
        I am with the other fella's on the price of $500 or less for one banged up.
        If you advertise in the Boating section of the Newspaper that you are looking for One of these, you can sort thru a few and maybe find one that is in perfect Condition for even less.
        Don't get in a hurry,, At this guys price it won't be leaving his yard soon.
        When you come to a fork in the trail, take it!

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          Grumman 19ft

          The Grumman 19-ft square stern is a sweet boat. I had searched a year for one, and I finally bought one off a guy in Anchorage for one grand, but before you say I was snookered, let me tell you it is in immaculate shape. I think it was only used by a little old lady who went hunting on Sundays. There was one small gash on top of the bow, but seeing as how I rarely paddle a canoe upside down, I was not worried. It's a sweet boat, and will make a fine moose hunting rig. Brand new Grumman 19-footers used to go for $1600. The one you describe should sell for something south of $500 in my humble opinion.


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            I have Gruman 19' Square Stern with a Lift and I use a 9.9 Mercury with a Rock Hopper Guard on it.......sweet set-up! I will proably be buried in it!

            The older Grumans I think were canoe......!


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              Right now on the Alaska "Craig List" there is a boat listed for sale as an "17' aluminum Coleman" for $500. I called the guy & said I didn't know Coleman made an aluminum boat & he said that it must be s Gruman. Pointy on both ends I believe.
              Vance in AK.

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                Half that...

                If you really want a banged up metal canoe that bad

                for $600-650 you can find one in primo shape if you keep your eyes open

                for $900 or so you can get a NEW modern material canoe/sport boat at REI or Sports Authority on sale


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                  19' Grumman flatback

                  I have a 1952, 19' Grumman flatback in perfect shape if anyone is interested. I will sell it for $1000 with trailer.


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                    cost of toys

                    the cost of your toys chang day to day, I think a new 19 FT goes for about $1800 in Portland or Seattle, then the cost to bring it up to Alaska [don't know the cost, but in 1964 it cost to bring up one boat was about $300 ] but lets face it, it is a used market, what ever goes an makes every one happy, it also helps as to how many are on the market at the day you want to buy [seller or buyer] my 2n cts. SID


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                      19' Grumman flatback

                      I forgot to bring up that I have a 25 horse merc on it (not included) and it GETS UP and GOES. I'd say 40-45 mph. It's a blast. It has the large planing fin adjustable from a crank on the inside. Yes, a 25 horse is an insane size for this, but I normally don't open it up. Once in a while tho, when the Mississippi river is like glass I do and it's like going at warp speed. I'm selling this low serial number, 1952 very well reinforced,excellent shape flatback w/trailer for $1000.


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                        I have seen 19' Grums with a tommy lift go for 1300.00 in less then a day!


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                          Still have your 19 foot canoe? Am interested if still available. Thanks!
                          Jim Carkhuff in Montana


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