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Mounting wheels to kaboat transom?

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  • Mounting wheels to kaboat transom?

    Have any of you done this? If so, what wheels have you used and liked? I picked up a 15' kaboat style inflatable from Chugach Mountain Sports a couple weeks ago and am looking to make it more manageable for one person to transport from the truck to the water, plus maybe some portaging on trails.

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    Google transom wheels I used them for a lot years on my Gruman sport boat and Kaboat turn boat upside down and they clamp to transom.


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      I have them too. I used stainless bolt and nyloc nuts. I also squeezed some silicone seal under the mounts on the transom. They flip up easily once in the water and LOVE them to make moving the Kaboat by myself without needing to drag it around making it easier on the boat and me. Just do it, you'll like them!
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        Here is a photo of mine. I got them at Marita, now out of business; don't know the brand. They are aluminum. I modified them to replace the pins with hitch pins wired together, and changed the airless pair of double wheels to air-filled borrowed from a hand truck, which allows easier travel over bumpy portages. I caution to not put the lower mounting bolts so close to the air floor where the nuts can rub and squeak against the foam I protected the air floor with.

        Also, while it is possible to portage as shown, damage to the motor lift system can (and did) occur when two of us portaged over a rocky trail. It's better to carry the motor separately, or use a 2x4 to raise the motor. It is much easier for one person to carry the boat upside down with the bow on your head.

        Alaska steel has aluminum that could be used to make something like this.
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          Wheel kit showed up yesterday, installed today, and can't wait to take them for a spin tomorrow


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