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Osage 17' Square Stern

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  • Osage 17' Square Stern

    I was just interested if anybody out there has used this canoe? I just picked up a Scanoe and wanted to know how the two compare? If there is anybody else using a square stern canoe with opinions, please post some opinions. I'm using a Honda 5 HP with the doel fins on it to keep the bow down. Thanks for any input.

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    17' Osage Canoe

    Yes I have an Osage square stern. I use a 15 horse with fins as well. I also have a engine lift for running the rivers. It works great. Plenty of power to get me and a moose up the river. Or Haul all my gear to camp. I don't like the idea of the light weight plastic square stern canoe. You can't put enough engine on the back to go up some of the rivers in the interior.


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      I have an Osagian 17' sq stern, an 8hp outboard with dolefins. I raised the motor mount because I got a good deal on a used outboard that had a long shaft. I mainly use this boat in lakes and creeks. I have loaded this canoe to the point where I had to stand up to see over our gear while steering up a creek. Its a great canoe and I love mine, but sometimes I wish I had a jet boat instead.

      These days I hardly ever use my outboard. My wife bought me a trolling motor. So now, I charge the battery and head down to the lake.


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