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  • Canoes/Electric Motors & Regs

    I have a canoe & an electric motor. There are many lakes around the Anchorage area that do not allow motorized boats and I want to use my setup on these lakes, mainly Beach Lake. Does a canoe with an electric motor count as a motorized boat?

    I have asked several people and I have had two different responses. According to a trooper I talked to at Beach Lake he said an electric motor on a canoe is considered a motorized boat and entails a ticket, but I see many people fishing these lakes with electric motorts on their boats. The trooper wasnt very confident with his remark either. I called Parks and Rec. and they were very confident a canoe with an electric motor was NOT considered motorized and is legal to use in non motorized lakes such as Beach Lake & Mirror Lake.

    Can anyone help me straighten this out?

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    Electric motors

    I can give you a confident response. Electric motors do not count as a motorized vehicle. They need to change the wording to combustible engine or even "engine" powered vehicles. There is no limitation on electric motors anywhere in the state that I am aware of.

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      Thanks, thats what I thought but I wanted reassurance.


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        It's always been my understanding that the motorized boat designation has to do with internal combustion engines, and electric motors are allowed on all lakes. I know I've seen plenty of folks running trolling motors on Beach Lake over the years.

        Sad to say our govment officials aren't always sure about the regs they are supposed to enforce, and some of them are a bit too ambitious about enforcing them.
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          No Electrics on Kenai Lakes Trail

          A while ago I posed question of whether electric motors qualify as part of ban on motorized craft on the Kenail Canoe Lakes system. Here is the reply I received:

          Dear Sir:

          The regulation not authorizing motors to be used in the Swan Lake and Swanson River Canoe routes does apply to all types of motors including electric motors.

          Exceptions are for the main stream Swanson River up to the Kenai Wilderness boundary north of McLain. and on the Moose River down stream from the West Fork.

          If you have further questions please contact me at my direct line 907 260 8610.

          Rick Johnston
          Kenai NWR


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            Gremlin go fly a kite. Seroiusly there are kites made to pull kayaks and canoes about as fast or faster as you can paddle. You would only have to paddle one-way. AND would get in some seriously relaxing kite flying as well. They fold up small for storage on kayaks and are pretty light.



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