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    Anyone know anything about Mohawk canoes?
    Good, bad or indifferent?


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    These are a good Canoe. If you check the weight of the Roylex canoes they have vs. the same size of Roylex canoe other top manufactures have you will see that the Mohawk is about 8 to 10 lbs heavier.( 66lbs vs. 56 to 58 lbs)
    I am not sure why the Mohawk is a little heavier. they seem to be made with similar seats and the other necessary jewerly all canoes need. Because canoe weight is important when you are portaging alot, 10 lbs is a big difference over a mile.
    The price is inline though, and I see they did not post a price for shipping to Alaska from the factory, so you need to call them for those details.
    both REI and Sportsman warehouse carry Old town canoes. the 16 ft camper or the sleeker penobscot weigh in at about 56 and 58 lbs. you may want to price these canoes against having one shipped up from the factory and the cost of shipping may make the difference. This all being said, the material Roylex is a licensed and patented material that is sold to canoe manufactures and strict guidlines are used in the molding processes. This means basically that Roylex is Roylex and the only difference between any boat made of this material is design or hull shape and the added jewelry, ie seats, etc. they will all wear the same.
    this material is tough and because it has a layer of foam in its lay -up, it requires no bulk heads for floatation. this is a bonus because it makes more room in your boat, and makes the boat very quiet and warmer on your feet due to the insulation factor of the foam layer. The boats hold their shape really well and although not as fast as a kevlar or even a glass boat, they are indeed a great all around and very durable canoe.
    In certain demagraphics Mohawk is a very popular and proven canoe. I would like to try one myself.
    I did notice they have Glass boats too, and I should have looked at them a bit more. My only problem with Glass boats is that they weigh a bit more, and require bulkheads for floatation. Glass is easy to repair, and Alaska streams and rivers are full of stones and gravel so you get to repair glass canoes quite often. I will be fazeing out the last 12 of my Glass canoes over the next few years and going mostly with Roylex and a few Kevlar canoes for those that want the super light canoes. I do still keep about 6 Coleman canoes for use on the Swanson river, as its rocky and shallowness tear up glass and any other material in just a few short trips. I repair and use canoes on a daily basis, and for my money in the all around canoe, its a Roylex in a 16 ft with a 34 to 36 in width, little or no rocker, as ( Alaska rivers) have mostly flat water..
    good luck
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