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What motor to get for Grumman 17' and 19'

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  • What motor to get for Grumman 17' and 19'

    I have a Grumman 17' and 19' and want to get an outboard motor for this moose season. The river I will be using it in is shallow and I will have to carry the canoe and engine for a distance in the hunt. With that being said I was told I needed to get a short shaft motor from a friend. When I go into Bass Pro or Craigslist I have no clue which one to get and only advice I got at Bass Pro was to ask a forum lol.

    What I need to know is this
    1. What motor should I get that will not be hard to carry when I have to portage.
    2. What qualifies it to be called short or long shaft. Yes I have used Google but want to verify the information I have gathered there is correct.

    Thank yall for the help.


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    Transom height determines length of shaft. Grumman’s use a short if, you aren’t modifying anything. Short is approx. 15” & long is 20”. That distance is measured from where the outboard sits on the transom. Lighter 2stroke & 2 cylinder outboards are a good way to go if you can find one. 6-8-9.9hp, I would go for a 6 or 8 if I was portaging...


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      When I had a 17' Grumman I used a 6hp Johnson (2 stroke/2cyl) and it did a fine job pushing it around. I wouldn't call it light but then neither was the canoe. I have used it on my 17' Esquif Cargo and it works well there too but the 9.9 Merc is much better when it's loaded heavy.The old 2 stroke little OMC motors are jewels in my little mind.
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        I'm with pipercub and low rider on this one: go for the 8 hp yamaha or evinrude/johnson.

        They have a smaller diameter prop that doesn't aggressively dig in the narrow stern or weigh it down. Theyr'e notably more fuel efficient over the 9.9/15 hp class. The 6-8hp class typically weigh 55-60 lbs are are absolute gems. When I ran up the Kandik River, it was so shallow, I had to cache my Tohatsu 9.9. Pulled out my trusty 6 hp Suzuki and motored up some seriously fast chutes of whitewater. I tend to push the limits of canoes and the 8 hp never had me wanting more power in the smaller square stern canoes:


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