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Grumman: 19' Canoe vs Sport Boat

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  • Grumman: 19' Canoe vs Sport Boat

    Hi all, looking for some experts to chime in with some thoughts on these rigs. I currently run a 12 ft Lund lake boat with a v-bow, and in the past have used it for a bit of lake fishing, but also running some rivers while moose hunting. And while it works not too terribly for that, it certainly doesn't paddle well, and I was thinking of switching it up for something different.

    In my research for an alternative, I've stumbled across Grumman's offerings, and it seems like their 19ft square-back canoes get a lot of love up north. Their Sport Boats however are harder to find info on. I'm wondering that for you guys that have experience with these, would you prefer the 19ft canoe or the Sport Boat?

    My intended use would cover the following:
    -- Zipping up small rivers that sometimes have shallow gravel bars/sand bars, and then drift-hunting back down for moose;
    -- Occasionally doing a few camping trips up a big, wide, deep, fast river (North Saskatchewan) loaded with a non-outdoorsy spouse, some dogs, and camping gear;
    -- Maaaybe rarely as a lake fishing boat (but I use a fishing kayak for most of my fishing these days - I haven't actually used the Lund since I got the kayak, and it's been 5 years now.)

    Any thoughts? I was leaning towards the canoe, just because I've had some experience with a freighter canoe in the past, and was amazed at how much stuff you can haul and yet still operate in 2" of water. They also paddle a heck of a lot better than a jon boat. The Sport Boats are interesting though in that they seem a bit wider, so might be a bit more forgiving in terms of stability when loaded with the dogs and spouse?

    Anyway I don't have much experience with these types of things (I'm more of a hiker than water guy) so am happy to listen to you guys that have the experience.

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    Having used both of the boats, I prefer the Sport Boat for it's comfort and stability. They are both capable of running motors that are "over size" and haul a lot of gear so it basically comes down to how stable you want to be. Added bonus on the boat is the oar locks.

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      Both good boats.
      The Sport Boat is about the front 15' of the 19' canoe with more rocker added.
      I have ran 10hp on both and even 15hp but things can be interesting with a 15hp at full throttle.


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        I had a sport boat for several years and really liked it for portability. Ran some skinny water with a longtail mud motor. However, when you start adding a spouse, dog(s), camping gear etc. you run out of room really fast.
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          Thanks for the input guys. It sounds like the Sport Boat is not a bad idea then.

          What would be the advantages (if any) of going with the 19ft? Just easier to paddle? I would generally be running a motor, so there wouldn't be a lot of paddling.


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            I haven't run the Grumman 19 freighter, but I've used (and sold) a similar freighter canoe. I won't get rid of my Sportboat. I think for your varied uses you'd be happier with the Sportboat, until you needed to haul what the 19 will haul. For one person dragging them around, the Sportboat will be easier to handle, cruise a little faster, and paddle down river well enough. But when you load that 15 to the gills you'll wish for the 19. Can't have enough boats for the different purposes in my book, regardless of what my wife says.

            The one time I got my 15 stuck in shallow water it was ankle deep. It's my favorite rig, just not big enough to do everything. But if it was any bigger, it couldn't do the things I want with it.


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              The 19 FT , 15 hp 2 cycle is hard to beat in most RIVERS, if you are going to run small rivers runners on the bottom will help your well being a lot,
              have put them on about a dozen 19 FT. canoes, skin on most 19's is only .050 thick , I worried a lot till I did the runners SID


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                Originally posted by Sid View Post
                The 19 FT , 15 hp 2 cycle is hard to beat in most RIVERS, if you are going to run small rivers runners on the bottom will help your well being a lot,
                have put them on about a dozen 19 FT. canoes, skin on most 19's is only .050 thick , I worried a lot till I did the runners SID
                sid how do you go about attaching runners


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                  AIR CRAFT BOLTS NUTS [ won't rust ] RTV { GOOD STUFF ] take a day an half , bolts an nuts to hold the channel , RTV to seal under the channel to keep the sand an small rocks out of the space between the skin an channel , an seal the 50 holes you would drill in the bottom of canoe ,
                  50 holes is just a guess could be more or less [ it will take a lot ] SID
                  PS Have not did one in 20 years but not hard , doing it will make you feel better on running shallow streams an rivers ,


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                    PS If you want more info send me an PM an we will connect { Anchorage }


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                      I run a old 19’ Grumman with a lift and 9.9 Merc with Rockhopper prop guard.
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                        Hi brush hunter , a lot depends on your ability to read the river on running shallow rivers , rock hock hopper ? I tryed one an did not like it , what I did was put a iron rod down my scaged bolted to my plate an bottom of the scag , the prop I just change my prop to the water I am running , normaly had 3 props with me , New, used a little an one beat to Hel. real thin water , Iron rod I want to save my gear box out
                        there , The bushing in the prop I have changed that out on some props [ not on the river in the shop ] the merk eng can run in shallower water than the OMC eng , ,
                        not by much but a little about one inch or more ,


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                          I mainly only run 2 rivers Chena and Chadnika not to bad on props. Bedliner on bottom of canoe .
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