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New Canoe Design: 19 ft with a wineglass stern

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  • New Canoe Design: 19 ft with a wineglass stern

    Hey folks, my apologies on not posting much lately. It's been a very busy year. After I finish out my last orders for spring break-up, I will begin building a male plug on an entirely new canoe design, and a long overdue one:

    Lotta folks can't afford one of these bigger freighters, which goes completely against what I stand for. In showing I hadn't forgot my roots, I went out in an old beat-up used clipper canoe, a motor almost as old as me, and made that puppy sing on a swift, braided, glacial river, canoe full of moose meat. I forgot the stress, that feeling that you'll capsize on just the slightest wrong move, where you don't have the safety buffer of a darn 60 inch wide freighter armored with UHMW. What ah ride!

    A smaller canoe would require far less material, less hours of labor, and no UHMW due to the different style of operation. A major cost savings and reduction of labor on my end. UHMW not being required because of the light-weight motor. Epoxy resin will glaze a 60 grit belt sander, again there will be no need for UHMW. A different story when you hit rocks at 18 mph with a 140 lbs surface drive hanging off the back. Again, different styles, with the smaller canoe standard outboard motor, one of slow, careful finesse and skill.

    I forgot something magical: the 55-60 lbs two stroke, which is my favorite smaller canoe motor. They have less prop diameter than the 9.9-15 hp motors, they don't dig the stern down, they run immensely well when lifted. They are truly portable, and they are fairly plentiful used. My first run up the Kandik River, was only made possible by a 60 lb Suzuki two stroke. I simply couldn't operate the heavier Tohatsu 9.8, which is the lightest in it's class at 79 lbs. My old 8 hp Evinrude, was at least 50% less thirsty for gas, than my 15 hp Evinrude.

    The ultimate gems: the 57 lb 9.8 Tohatsu or Nissan two-stroke. Immense power and portability, this would obviously be the one to look for. Other good ones in this weight range are the Suzuki 8 hp two stroke, the Johnson/Evinrude 7.5 hp or 8 hp, or the Yamaha 8 hp two stroke. They all weigh under 60 lbs. Some of these were made all the way up to 2005 or so. Find one for sale in a different state, it can be shipped regular mail, they're that light.

    The canoe general dimensions I'll settle at 19 ft in length x 44 inches in width with 18 inches of depth at center. I don't want it too wide, I need this thing to paddle well, pole well, and motor well. It will be built of the same materials as my current models, but slightly lighter weight biaxial cloth, lighter white ash gunwales and seats, but webbed the same and outfitted with the same with TIG welded, cnc cut aluminum (just like my bigger ones) and come standard with a custom tig-welded aluminum, adjustable motor lift.

    It will sing on the shallow chutes of water with the light motors, but probably only satisfactory if you go to one of those clumsy four strokes.

    I'll probably have to test it through this season, and record the results with all of you. I may want to go narrower, like 42 inches if I don't like what I feel when using a paddle. At this point, I'm concerned about width, because this thing as to excel not only by motor, but by human power as well.

    If you're wondering why the wine glass stern: it allows the motor to drink plenty of water, can be paddled better without fast water hitting a flat spot, and works tremendously well with a motor, so long as you keep the weight down. Oviously you have to extend the tiller and get your weight forward, but that's standard practice for anyone whose run a motor on a narrow transom canoe. The motors loose NO POWER when lifted, that's the magic of the wine glass.......

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    ****..I just bought my Clipper Mac-Sport 18 before this announcement. Sounds like a great idea. Especially interested in seeing your lift.


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      Good write-up Michael!
      My mind has been spewing canoe ideas lately happens every winter as we anticipate spring's open water.

      Although I'm getting old for buying a lot of new toys, I need to get a few things done while I can.
      In my younger days I spent many days in 16' canoes with a side mount and 3.5 hp Evinrude and much preferred that style
      to square stern canoes and same motor. We weren,t fighting fast currents and sand bars but mostly lakes and slower rivers.
      Most of my canoeing today is quite similar.

      Recently I caught a TV program on Maine Game Wardens and one of them had a larger canoe that I couldn't identify but he had a 2 stroke
      Yamaha on a side Mount.....I think it was 8HP. This is a very comfortable combination to run especially when we had the 360 rotating outboards.

      Perhaps you can reach back to you home state and find out what they are running.......maybe you had first hand experience with those guys
      in your youth.

      One canoe that interests me for my use is the Esquif 20'.......big enough for a moose and stable enough for fishing.

      I think you've heard my complaints regarding today's small single cylinder outboards with all the noise and vibration.....terrible contraptions....
      like trolling with a chain saw.

      Let's have coffee and you can sketch things out for me.....

      I think I've located a cedar strip and canvas freight canoe in Delta. I might make a fun restoration project for someone.


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        Hope it works out for you so you can keep doing what you enjoy
        Now left only to be a turd in the forrest and the circle will be complete.Use me as I have used you


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          Well Mainer I just may the perfect 8HP for you! Not using my 8HP Yamaha much since I went to the Solar Inflatable jet Boats. Kurt


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            If Michael isn't interested, keep me in mind.....short shaft.....2 stroke




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              Yes SS 2 stroke its like new and runs as quiet as most 4 strokes. Want to come run the Delta CW for trout this year in my Jet Boat if I do Ill bring the 8 hp. Kurt


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                We can make a deal.....year model?.......but I don't want to take it out from under Michael....

                I live close to the Clearwater.....


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                  One canoe that interests me for my use is the Esquif 20'.......big enough for a moose and stable enough for fishing.

                  what model Esquif are you referring to?


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                    Originally posted by pipercub View Post
                    One canoe that interests me for my use is the Esquif 20'.......big enough for a moose and stable enough for fishing.

                    what model Esquif are you referring to?
                    I think it was called Miramichi [sp?]


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                      Originally posted by VernAK View Post
                      I think it was called Miramichi [sp?]
                      ... Oh yeah nice canoe...


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                        Like these beautiful boats?


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                          You'll notice in that video the short shaft outboard is mounted quite high. I've always been an advocate for this since owning a wineglass Alumacraft many years ago. A tub of a canoe but I raised the transom 4" with no cavitation issues and less bottom strikes. My 19' Grumman square stern is also raised 4" for a short shaft motor.

                          I hope Michael experiments with the transom height for his new design or maybe make a transom with different elevation blocks.....


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                            I canít see myself going back to the wineglass transom, especially running our shallow, rocky, narrow rivers. Having to do a 180 turn with the narrow transom catching on the bottom...Iíll stick with a shallow arch transom.


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                              Definitely not for all situations but no boat is.


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