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  • New Freighter Canoe!

    Last summer I had the great pleasure of spending some time with Michael Manzo, owner of Yukon River Freightworks. It was great to meet a fellow Mainer in Alaska, and Michael's work is impressive. Long story short, he's putting the finishing touches on a freighter I ordered from him. I'm due to pick it up in early September, and so I thought I'd start a thread to share some pics of the build. :topjob: It's not often you get to see a boat being born, so I'll share updates along the way, and pics when I have them.

    And here's another:

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    Part of the reason I'm sharing this out is because this boat is dedicated to my dad, who right now is giving them hell in the hospital, where he's being treated for a very persistent and aggressive lymphoma.

    This is him last summer on the Kesugi Ridge trail, giving a salute to cancer. He was diagnosed maybe a week earlier, but wanted to soldier on and do one more camping, fishing, and hiking trip before he had to buckle down for chemo last winter.

    Sometimes chemo turns into radiation. I visited my dad in the hospital a few days back, and he's still smiling.

    When I first ordered this boat, I'll admit that it was for my own "selfish" reasons. Long trips, hauling supplies, getting into remote spots for hunts or for the joy of the adventure. Those trips are still lined up and waiting. But now all I can think of is getting my pa out there. We can haul a heavy camp to keep him comfortable, he doesn't have to paddle, and while he's not at a point where he can ride motorcycles (he loves his time wrenching almost as much as riding) he can still goose the throttle on a mud motor and watch the country unfold.


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      Good luck with your boat and for your dad.
      Alaska, the Madness; Bloggity Stories of the North

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        Those are beautiful boats! I wasn't sure if he was still making them.

        Your dad, btw, looks awesome. Here's wishing you guys some really great adventures.
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          Heya Mainer, yah those old Mainers, geeze they're tough. He looks great.

          Crazy looking at my shop in those pics, from a year ago, what was chock full of unpainted hulls. Now's widdled down to just 4 darn-near finished boats left: couple of 18 footers and couple 22 footers as the last batch.

          Hoping to have ah gathering of you crazy freighter canoe guys the end of winter, so you can network on hunts, or throw rotten tomatos at me during the dinner, haha!

          Also hoping to slow down during the heating fuel season.
          Though a 140 ft long shop is great space to move around in, the heating fuel consumption in the interior, on such a space is crazy!

          It'll be good to get you darn boaters on the water.


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            I canít wait to order one. Sooner than i thought, but still a little far away.


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              good luck to your dad and prayers for all!!


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                What brand of epoxy is green? Mainer drop a fabric partition and only heat part of the shop.


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                  I hope to meet your Dad on one of our rivers some day.

                  You'd be amazed at how many of we Geezers are out here
                  on the river.


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                    At what point does a canoe go from a canoe to a boat?...Ö Those things are monsters! Congrats for sure and tell your dad our thoughts and prayers are with him...soldier on Dad...!!!
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                      Thanks all for your kind words. I don't post much, and so it means a lot you'd share some well-wishes nonetheless. Right now Dad's recovering from his last round of radiation. More in the future, and it teaches you to enjoy every little moment. Mainer--per your rec finally sent him a copy of Dead River Rough Cut. (A little aside, but that river whooped me good when I was in my teens and thought I was indestructible.)

                      VernAK, we'd be pleased to meet you one of these days.

                      4merguide, I certainly hope to find out an answer to your question!! Last fall I shuttled my buddy from Circle to Eagle for a float with his dad last October. Two very competent guys. They were out for moose, but they kinda packed like you crazy sheep hunters. I won't be sad to have a bigger boat

                      I'm still hoping Mainer won't mind posting a couple of pics as this boat gets finished up, without revealing too much of his voodoo magic. Looks like pickup will be within a few days of Sept 7, definitely by the 20th.


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                        Get your boat yet?
                        Alaska, the Madness; Bloggity Stories of the North

                        Does this shotgun make my butt look big?


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                          According to Michael (Mainer), my boat is done and ready for pickup! I'm waiting on his word for final arrangements, so I'll keep you posted as we move ahead. Mainer--can you either toss some pics in this thread or send them to me so I can?


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                            So in New Hampshire too ?


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                              Glad see your boats are getting on the water...congrats!

                              Best of luck to your Dad and may you both enjoy many trips in that new canoe.
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