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freighter for ocean fishing?

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  • freighter for ocean fishing?

    I guess not the perfect environment for a freighter, but does anyone use the Hudson bay or other freighter for fishing salmon or halibut on the ocean?

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    I've pulled shrimp pots in PWS with my James Bay. It took head-on 3'ers like a champ all the way back through Passage Canal. I recommend building or buying a spray skirt and watch the weather. Stay out of heavy following and confused seas and wear a dry suit. I patterned my skirt from the Wilderness System design off Clipper's website. If you or your wife can sew, it ain't hard to do. I'm in the process of making a taller console for standing up and then move it farther aft. I'll make another skirt when I get time. It keeps the rain and wave splash out. Good for the Yukon too. Be prepared to talk to everyone at the dock. They'll come look.
    Someday I'll build a spray skirt for my Clipper Mac 18 and take it out without fear. Just watch the weather. When I had my 24" Hewescraft Alaskan I didn't go out unless the seas were 3' or under. Anything above that wasn't fun anyway.


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      havew seen some big canoe's out at the islands in Seward for silvers in Passed years SID roud:


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        For several years I fished bays for silvers and shallow halibut from a 17' Old Town. Non-freighter, but the point would be even more important in a freighter:

        Wind is an SOB. If fishing solo, be prepared to spin around so you're sitting in the "bow" with the rest of the boat trailing behind you. Lots more control that way, and you might have to do it simply to get home if home is to the windward. Also rig an anchor with a snap and buoy at the end so you can unhitch if you want to chase fish. Tried several anchors, but a plain old mushroom always seemed to work best. Easy to set and free from the bottom one handed, and less prone to tangles in the canoe. No, the mushroom won't hold you in a gale, but you want it mostly to slow or stop yourself when drifting, as well as pick your orientation to the wind. That snap on the end lets you "tie" off to lots of places on your canoe, which is really valuable in the wind, especially if you're fly fishing.

        Solo in a freighter, you can count on wind to be an even bigger issue due to sail area on your hull.
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          Freighters are great but for fishing in the salt I prefer a skiff. Tough to move around in plus they are wet in moderate chop. Tried fishing out of mine OK but i like to move around in a boat.

          Used to back troll my Grumman Sport boat on the little Sue with oars, quite a challenge landing Kings in the long narrow boat.


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            the frighter canoe is a great boat, but it has some short commings , spray is one for sure, what it is best at, is moving fright long distance
            cheepley , [ FRIGHTER ] long an skinny , it will do a lot for you , but it is not the best boat / canoe all the time , don't get me wrong it is good
            but it is not GOD's GIFT to boating all the time, , can you fish out of it YES, but is it best for SALT water [ I don't think so ] but it can be dun ,
            as I have said , if there is one boat that can do it all we all would all have one , there is trade off's on all boats/ canoes , could be money , size of water, the kind of water , we travel on , a place to keep it , an the wife [ the last one WIFE ] my 2 cts SID roud:


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              I've spent quite a bit of time in my Albany is bad weather. My biggest fear was broaching, and I wanted every bit of the 8hp I had on to keep the nose pointed where I wanted it. Have been nose on into waves a good foot over the bow, and that wasn't too bad, running with the plug open kept things in check. Not particularly proud of going out in those conditions, but the boat was up to it.


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                Lake Louise near Glennallen can get quite rowdy, especially in the afternoon, running boat was less than 2 mph going into big waves with a 20 hp Scott HB, darn screw-in transom plug was tough to unscrew and keep boat bow to waves. The boat did ok but was a challenge. Was not a dry ride which does not ensure comfort, and feeling of safety.


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                  No matter how you look at it CANOE'S are nor made for large open water , you can get buy with them, but it will catch up with you , no matter how careful you are . I think , SID
                  PS I used a 19 FT SQ. end for a lot of years on the rivers,& lakes near copper ct.


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