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Kaboat owners: experiences/photos using your kaboat to hunt from?

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  • Kaboat owners: experiences/photos using your kaboat to hunt from?

    Hello from DLG. I'm a new Kaboat owner (15' AK model) looking for a little bit of motivational fodder. I have a float hunt/fish trip planned for the beginning of September. I have a friend from the lower 48 who will be strictly fishing while I'll be toting a rifle and hoping to score on a moose. (or caribou or bear) Just wondering what kind of experiences some of you have had while using your Kaboat to hunt from and if anyone has any photos they'd care to share. I'll be happy to reciprocate after my float is over. roud:

    Thanks in advance!

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    Did you build a frame? What motor are you going to use? Lots of play trips in mine no hunts yet.


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      Hi Kurt. I did build a frame and I've had my kaboat out on a local lake just to see how it handles. My motor is small; it's a Gamefisher 1.2 hp. It pushes my family and I along at around 5 mph. I don't anticipate needing it much on my float hunt. We'll primarily be just floating but I've heard the last few miles of the river get sluggish, so we may use it there to push us along. The up side to such a small motor is how light it is and how little fuel it uses. I should mention I did not wind up using your brackets. In fact, I have them boxed and I'm going to ship them back to you; you're more connected and perhaps you can find someone else who could use them. I really like how they look and feel but I had a chance at some round tubing so I went that direction. I'll put on a photo of what I've got. Ignore the crummy oars; my Carlisles were still in the mail when I took it out.

      I am guessing some of you folks have some hunting experiences with your kaboats to share; I'd love to hear them. I hope to have good photos and a story or two myself in a couple of weeks.
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        Dont send them back find some one that can use them. Kurt


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          Can do; I just figured being where you are you're more connected to others than I am. IF you come across someone who would benefit from them, contact me and I'll send them along. I am grateful you sent them my way even though I went a different direction.

          Any plans to use yours to hunt from? I'm getting pretty excited about getting mine on a river during an open season.


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