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  • Placer River canoe??

    Just wondering if anyone has ever canoed up the Placer River. I have read (canoeing forum from about 6yrs ago) that the current in the delta area, before it enters into the Turnagain is fairly slow.

    Posted the same question on the hunting thread. Someone said they have done it in a 13ft semivee with a 15hp jet outboard and struggled. If thats the case, then the flow has definitely increased since the canoeing report I read from a few years ago..

    Any thoughts, suggestions, or experience?

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    It depends. Don't you hate answers like that? Depends on the rain in the recent prior week or days. Lower end is controlled more by tide than anything else. When the tide starts coming in the current will slow to very slow when it turns around it rips. Consult the tide tables to plan your trip.


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      I took a canoe up there a couple years ago. There were two of us in one canoe and the current wasn't bad.


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        if you go up the left branch [ looking up the valley ] it is slow till you get to where it clime's, the clime is about 100 to 200 FT long will have to line it there, at the top of the clime it meets the other branch , you can walk across, both branch's at thet point , some large rocks [ hot bad ]
        paddleing up from that point is do able with paddleing 2 people , lots of turns an fast water , you will have to work at it , you can line some but no trail along the river , if you go an go up the river passed the clime, when you come out do go back the same way you came , when I say fast water it is not bad , no real white water, I would say a little slower than the upper Kenia river , MY 2 CTS SID roud:


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