Replacement/Spare Prop: AL/SS, Pitch? OMC 9.9



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    Originally posted by mainer_in_ak View Post
    my experience with many canoes and different pitch props, was that if you went with a slower pitch than what came on the engine, you do nothing to increase load hauling capacity, yet your cruising speed is notably reduced. You will hear the motor gaining rpms, but doing nothing else significant. when you go one size faster pitch than what came on the engine, you get better cruise speed with the motor LIFTED, which really matters. Usually, what came on the outboard is sufficient for canoe hulls.
    Looks like I made the right choice then. My knowledge of bass boats doesn't transfer well to canoes LOL. I took an opprotunity to teach my son ho to change a prop today while test fitting the new spare prop on the 9.9.

    Incidentally, I recently bought a new, old stock, spare prop for my '69 4 hp, but it's the wrong prop. Once I figure out what it really is, it will be up for sale or trade here. I also have a prop for a 9-1/2 to unload. But that's a different story.


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