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  • Canoe Red Shirt Lake

    Was thinking about taking a few days and trying to get to red shirt lake on the canoe. I know Nancy lake Rec area has a lot of canoe trails. Anyone know if you can get to red shirt? Thanks.

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    there are trais there, CK the park service for more details there was a canoe rental service there don't knok if it is still going
    park service could tell you , they get a pice of the action SID roud:


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      Map shows a foot trail out there. I bet it's a slog of a portage, though. I've done the Lynx Loop Canoe Trail...had some horrid portages (like needing 4 people to get a canoe up a hill.) It was more like a backpacking trip with optional canoe than a canoe trip.


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        It is a very good trail. Map, comments and info were posted under freshwater fishing section: canoeing into Redshirt for pike.


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          Thanks for starting this thread. I walked into Red Shirt Lake on my trip this year. 3 miles each way. Nice hike, I'd hate to carry a canoe in. The canoe rental place has canoes and kayaks on the lake. I did run into a family, 2 adults & 4 kids, hiking in to the lake. The guy was pulling what looked like a bike trailer loaded with their camping gear. All I could say was "Wow!" He was getting the job done, but it looked like more than I'd take on.


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