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  • BeaV ... his trip ... June ALASKA magazine

    Check out the June2014 issue of ALASKA mag. 5000 miles in a canoe.

    Most of us cyber-followed BeaV's inspiring, epic trip on this forum last year. It was great fun to follow his exploits each day from March till September. I hope he devises a second act that we can follow again.

    This forum is mentioned, concerning his questions about the Bering Sea coast. "No one answered my questions. They were too busy telling me the ways I would die."

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    Few believed in his ability to pull the journey off but he did it in style.
    Now left only to be a turd in the forrest and the circle will be complete.Use me as I have used you


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      Its been awhile now but I can't remember that anyone here believed he could do it, or said so at least.

      He got some encouragement. He got a lot of goBackHomeCauseYouAreADolt. Some told him the worst places (started a new thread; bering....") of his trip, where he was going to die worse than the other places (where he was also going to die).

      I expressed doubt that the tidal silt could be run as well as he did; sure enough he did have trouble but prevailed, of course.

      And a few of his portages were doubted too. He sure made those quickly when he was getting tracked by his beacon.

      What a story his is. I'm going to have to actually go buy a copy this month.


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        Yeah, it was an amazing adventure to follow last year. Can't wait to read the article. Thanks for the post Rick.



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          I remember saying...."Ironman ain't got nothin' on him...!!!" It was great to follow him along for sure. Although I must admit that a lot of the time I was kinda worried about him....
          Sheep hunting...... the pain goes away, but the stupidity remains...!!!


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            I was highly skeptical of BeaV pulling off the trip he proposed and said as much when he initially posted his questions about the Bering. I am happy to admit not only that I was wrong but that he pulled that trip off with style. I received a PM from him this Spring, that was a real treat, and was a joy to reply to. Hopefully he joins in here from time to time, as he would certainly be an asset.
            “Life has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously.” ― H.S.T.
            "Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you."


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              Hey my Forum friends!
              I'm killing some time this weekend as I'm taking it easy after getting T-boned in a truck accident this past week. Going through the Forum here and seen this post about the article. The author Katie did a nice job on the write-up but when I read it I'm kind of disappointed- there really is no detail. But I guess it's not what the magazine wants and not really possible to get into details in a 2-page article. I'm thinking "what about that time when things seems nearly hopeless paddling into the pitch black night with 3 meter swell, rocky steep shoreline, and a 60 knot wind storm coming...or that time when I charged a sow brown bear with cubs...or that guy in Fort Yukon who offered me his shotgun because I was heading into bad bear country...?"

              About that guy in Fort Yukon- he fits the description of AlaskaHippie's quote "Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you"!

              Thanks again, everyone, for your support. Rick- a second act? My Dad wouldn't like that at all.



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                Beav. It was neat reading your success story in AK magazine. That must have been one helluva epic journey. I want to say congratulations! As well sorry about your recent accident. I hope you heal up fast!

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                  BeaV...I know what you mean about being surprised at the magazine article. By the very nature of magazines, they really only benefit from the advertising space...everything else is just interrupting the ads. If you would like to see your experience well chronicled, it pretty much needs to be a full book treatment. Which would be a worthy endeavor.
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                    Your trip was an inspiration and an affirmation of the ability of humans to persevere and overcome. Thanks again for letting us follow along.


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                      yea, I was one of his doubters... and if another paddler came on here and said they were going to repeat the route, I'd doubt them too.

                      I honestly don't think the route is repeatable... amazing accomplishment.


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                        I had the pleasure of meeting BeaV today near the Knife River south of Two Harbors Mn.
                        BeaV had sent out a note on another MN BWCA canoeing thread that he would be in the area and asked of anyone wanted to join him. My canoe is in AK so I could not, but I was able to catch him at the landing on Lake Superior and we had a nice a 40 minute chat.
                        I can't tell how far he paddled today but I'm Guessing 10 - 15 miles, he started out in 22 degree weather, and had to drive 15 miles north of his initial departure point to find open water due to frozen lake conditions by Duluth. He was using a single blade paddle, he said that a double blade never gives him time to rest, and that while he can make better time with a double blade/Kayak paddle over the first hour, after that it is the same.
                        He said Lake Superior the "Big Pond" was a little rough after he got out of the bay by Knife River.

                        Even though I spend 7-8 months a year in AK now firefighting, and canoe a lot in AK and MN, I can't imagine doing what he did.
                        I found out that I know and have worked with his brother for nearly 15 years fighting forest fires in MN before I transferred to AK.

                        As others have said, it must be "Cold Hard Steel" under that shell.

                        May the rivers be crooked and winding, and the portages lonesome, leading to the most "Amazing View".


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                          Great update,thanks.
                          Now left only to be a turd in the forrest and the circle will be complete.Use me as I have used you


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                            After his accident I'm sure glad he's still with us...!!! Was just thinking about him today and wondering if he's got anything else planned up his sleeve?

                            Oh, and imo, I'm sorry I missed the article in the mag, but if ever there was a book that needed to be written about an Alaskan adventure.....his would be the one....
                            Sheep hunting...... the pain goes away, but the stupidity remains...!!!


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                              When BeaV first started inquiring about doing a canoe trip of that proportion, most people were skeptical about paddling a canoe in some of the big water areas. BeaV showed up with what should have been called a sea kayak. Apples & oranges really, was a great trip none the less...a young couple did the coastal route in Kayaks a few years before BeaV. Seattle area to the Kenai area and maybe beyond. There have been others who rediscovered what the early people used to get around Alaska.


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