Any fast lake cruisers here?



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  • Any fast lake cruisers here?

    I am thinking about something faster than the Prospector work horse style canoe for lakes and slow rivers.
    Enough capacity for overnighters for two is plenty with some trolling and miles covered would be good. No heavy hunting work intended for this boat and will definitely keep the Prospector for moving rivers and utility.

    The Clipper Jensen ww2, Sea Clipper, or Wenonah Mn 2 at about 18.5 x 33+ x 13-14 deep and a fast streamlined profile are contenders.

    Compared to royalex Prospector/utility canoes:
    Are the cruisers "THAT MUCH" faster and straighter tracking?
    How are they in wind and waves?
    How much faster(glide) and how easy is it to paddle up slow upstream currents?
    Kevlar or glass?
    Do you feel like a spray skirt is need to avoid getting swamped in the waves?
    I know stability is a trade for speed and performance "depends" and that is ok.

    Thanks for any info.

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    You might try your local library for a strip built canoe book sorry, reaching, the Canadian guy who owns something like bear mountain or black mountain canoes. Book is about 8.5 tall x11 wide, lots of pictures, paper back, early chapter all about what you are asking.

    What difference does it really make? I dunno, I use a motor.


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      Not familiar with the first boats but have canoed alongside the MN 2. It will be very much faster and straighter tracking than your Prospector enough so to be noticeable. For the same reasons this hull is fast on flatwater, it will also give you additional speed going up rivers. Performs well in wind and waves. Had one trip where wind and waves should've kept us on shore but I insisted our group continue through it. One boat similar to yours with the strongest paddlers could hardly move against the wind/waves, my boat(Mad River Malecite) with pretty strong paddlers (me included) struggled to make progress and took on some water, the 3rd pair in a MN 2 with the weakest paddlers made the easiest progress without taking water!

      I've been around lots of Wenonah's as Minnesota is Wenonah country. Very good boats. If I was looking for a tandem flatwater tripping boat, a MN 2 would be up there on my list. Plenty of room for 2 people for a week or two trip. Spray skirt?- Probably not needed. If it's getting that nasty on the lake, you may flip the canoe over before you take on that much water. But who am I to say you should go to shore and play it safe Kevlar stands up to abrasive rocks well, I wouldn't consider fiberglass unless your only going to paddle soft bottom waters.



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        I paddle a wenonah voyager. Single seat version of the MN 2 hull....

        I use a kayak paddle to scoot upriver...bent shaft to paddle down... Very nice low-drag hull. Tracks very well.... Does not turn very sharp and the wind can blow the single seat hull around. Once you figure out the hull, it is a dream to paddle. My version is the gel-coated Kevlar, very fast surface....faster than my buddies ultra-light hull....


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          BeaV and Pipercub those performance reports are just what I was hoping for.
          I am going to watch for a newer used Mn2 or Clipper Jensen ww2 and grab one if a deal comes along. They are direct competitors with very similar designs and both have excellent reviews. The Clipper is a bit heavier but also slightly deeper with higher ends. I will buy new later if needed but not in a hurry.
          Anyone else?


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