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replacement gunnels ?? Wenonah Spirit II

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  • replacement gunnels ?? Wenonah Spirit II

    I'm the lucky :question: temporary recipient of a Tuff-Weave Spirit II that decided it wasn't ready to go home and hopped off the top of the truck into the ditch and suffered a bit of road rash. Honestly - nothing major damage wise to the hull (some gel coat work to do and a bit of glass work inside) but the aluminum gunnels are trashed!

    Anyone know of a quick source for replacements or suitable substitute - relatively local to Anchorage? I've already sourced potential vendors down south - but we're not paying the freight for full length aluminum to be shipped up. And he doesn't want to wait on wood.

    It got dropped off in my yard with a note "OOPS!! Please tell me it can be fixed" If it was mine, I'd start forming wood - but like I said he don't wanna take the time for that project...

    Any help or suggestions? It was his mistake and it's his money - I just get to fix it.


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    wilderness way in soldotna and beaver sports in fairbanks both deal with wenonah canoes. they might be able to get you what you need.


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      have you tried Greer tanks Anchorage for your metal they have long sticks shipped in all the time it might help SID roud:


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        Thanks to both of you.

        Time to make phone calls.


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