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    Originally posted by BluNosDav View Post
    Check these out:

    probably the most powerful electric outboards available.
    Woohoo, Eklutna reservoir is going to have to put out buoys for a now wake zone. Never need'd 'm before....

    Fast someone buy one and lets get a water skier going out there before they decide to limit electric motors to old trollers only. That's make a one of a kind video. I'm betting that canoe with that 40 would do it. ;-) Fun musing.


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      Originally posted by 450 ktm View Post
      If the wife can't paddle then go with oars for sure and rig up some good oarlocks and an adjustable seat to get in the best position. A sigle paddler on a HB in the wind sounds like a BIG JOB. A good troller in the 55# thrust range should move it along...might be ok with less.
      Y.C. oars are big long paddles gripped with one hand each, r and l, anchored in oar locks, and pulled backwards...make sense?

      And that's what I did, thank you


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