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What is going to replace Royalex?

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  • What is going to replace Royalex?

    Most whitewater canoes are Royalex, along with many tripping canoes...Wenonah Canoes says it has enough Royalex for this year,
    then what? Polyethylene is too heavy...Fiberglass, composite is going to be it, it seems... Stock up on your Royalex "rock banger" canoes...

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    Graphene. Do a search. It is pretty interesting stuff and has potential to "change the world as we know it"!


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      royalex is a dated technology from the 1970's, there are a few companies who've provided alternatives to this material for years. Cross Link 3 was my favorite for dragging over the nastiest stuff. Right now, if I were to grab a new double ender, hands down, it would be a clipper canoe. I'm missing my royalex penobscot 17, and a clipper is the only thing that will fill that void.


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        I'm in the market for a whitewater able canoe. My last one went South with the marriage... I was thinking that this may be a good time to grab a Royalex to decide on a solo or tandem.....


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          Pipercub I have a Novacraft Prospector 16 royalex that is a great river canoe up to class3. If you come across one definitely grab it fast.


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            I came across this message. Maybe they could lighten and stiffen their cargo canoe...hope the price remains reasonable.


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              I absolutely LOVE my wennona royalex canoe. It's gotten me out of so many spots/bad decisions.. collisions with absolutely amazes me..over, and over again..

              A rock appears in front of you that cannot be re heavy... loaded with 400 pounds of gear, and YOU!! It flexes, gives, deflects... goes on, leaving a little green in my case.

              I have white appearing on both my bow and stern... this od girl has gotten 4 moose out of a REALLY shallow sharp rocked river. Is there a way to shape up the bottom gouges and loss of volume?

              I bought a gallon of Flex tough urethane, but was told by a raft company in Colorado it will not stick for long. I coated my PR-49 with it, and was told no prep was needed... it was great, but some areas did peel a bit.. it gets another coat here soo.. WITH sand paper prep!!

              But Royalex?? Space age amazing.. HOW???


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                I've repaired a fair amount of royalex canoes over the years, a good epoxy can be used to fair out some of the dings and scratches and a fiberglass or kevlar skid plate can be adhered to the bow and stern to protect the foam core. Some canoe manufacturers also have a spray on color to match their canoes(unfaded of course). Most companies have kits available but all the materials needed can be acquired separately from a variety of sources.


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