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  • The Maine Freighter...HB improved

    Kudos to this guy for keeping a great boat alive in an improved version. I thought some of you might like this good news.
    My only question is about the 3 keel hull for river use. The other improvements look great. Shipping and availability are unknown to me.

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    Yup... I like the lack of thwarts. I move around my HB a lot and must be very attentive of the up and over process. Those canoes should sell well in NE area.


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      Deep rivers would be fine for this lake boat. Three keels grinding along on a river bottom....not an ideal design for occasionally bouncing off the bottom....even worse when you get sideways and start scraping the bottom.


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        it looks good it is a BIG WATER CANOE not for small water , to heavy an big to pull up small streams by one person but it looks great
        SID roud:


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          It looks like the HB form with the layup similar to modern drift boats, etc. Maybe they would make a few mods such as a smooth hull with enough rocker and proper weight for small river use if there was enough interest. I think it is the first prototype and you need to start somewhere(Maine local needs).
          Another good thing is that being USA made there would not be import/customs hassles for shipping, although the shipping cost has to be considerable.
          I would hope for a future Albany size river specific model myself.


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