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  • Klutina Lake Road

    How is the road going into Klutina Lake........can I make it all the way in a 4WD Pickup?

    Has anyone bear hunted around the lake?


    Jeff in NP

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    alaska bush man,

    Good question.
    YEARS AGO, there was very fine black bear hunting and good grizzly hunting all around Klutina Lake.
    Finding bears was not a concern.
    But there WAS always a concern with 1) the muddy road conditions, and 2) safety of your unattended vehicle.

    1) Years ago the road was not well maintained and was a quagmire of deep muddy holes, and some of those would qualify as "small ponds". I believe much of the road crossed both private and native owned lands. Also keep in mind that what may be possible for a beat-up four wheel drive to navigate through may be different than where you would take a beautiful new 50K pickup. Also keep in mind that even when spring arrives in places like the Anchorage bowl, it may still be winter for another month in other places.

    2) Years ago I knew of two incidences where vehicles, supposedly legally parked on public land, were heavily vandalized back at the lake.

    So, can any forum readers inform both the OP and myself about recent or current road conditions and vehicle safety?

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      I took my wifes 2006 p/u up there 2 and a half yrs ago in September with her. The road/trail was was still a mess. There were still Native lands issues and signs posted saying u needed permits,etc. I made it as far as the old falling apart cabin area just short of the lake. I can't offhand remember what made me turn around. I do know the trail back was no better than when I used to go back 20 yrs ago. I also remember that I had the feeling I wouldnt want to leave my rig unattended back there. There were still several places that would/could be full of water across the trail but had hard bottoms. I would be interested too, to find out how the Native land issue came out. Probably still in question. Its a long slow drive back there.
      Your sarcasm is way, waaaayyyyyyyy more sarcastic than mine! :whistle:


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        I planned on taking my canoe with a small outboard around the lake and camp on the island.....then toward the south end of the lake toward the old cabin up Kluntina creek

        I will be by myself..........with nature and a 340 Weatherby.


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          I have always wanted to see that lake also.


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            Thanks for your replies!


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              Ahtna does issue land use permits for various reasons. The office I think is at the end of the Glenn where it reaches the Richardson. The permit is cheap and allows access. I have one and just place it in the windshield of your vehicle.

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