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Need trolling motor mount suggestions/pics...

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  • Need trolling motor mount suggestions/pics...

    I am looking at buying a canoe and mounting a trolling motor on it. Likely a 16.5 or 18' royalex canoe that will pull double duty on rivers in the Smoky Mountains and central lakes here in NC. Anyone got any ideas on where to mount a bracket?

    Most pics seem to have the motor on the side, 4-5' from the back, near the rear seat. I am wondering how that would track and even considered making a mount for two 35-40 lb trolling motors, one on each side. Lots more power for bigger lakes than one motor as I had planned. That would also allow me to control boat direction well and skip the previous idea I had about installing a rear rudder (like on back of a saltwater kayak).

    Any clever ideas for a stern mounting option?

    Thanks for any comment.

    The two loudest sounds known to man: a gun that goes bang when it is supposed to go click and a gun that goes click when it is supposed to go bang.

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    I have that on my guide 159, if you aim it right it will track straight. Just remember running into shoals you will have to raise the motor, ive had many oh crap moments so now I just keep the screws loose. Cant imagine trying to lift 2 motors lol


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      2 pointy

      The trouble is putting pointed ended shape on both ends of your canoe. I'm just sure one of the two ends should be squared off. :think:


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        No kidding man. Been checking out the Esquif cargo (I think) model with square stern. Sure would make life easier in some regards. Double edge sword of course with this style. All goes to show no one boat can do it all. Thank God. Or so I tell the wife. ha ha...

        The two loudest sounds known to man: a gun that goes bang when it is supposed to go click and a gun that goes click when it is supposed to go bang.


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          it is like said befor no one boat/canoe can do it all an any time you clamp a motor on the side of a canoe it can get bad real fast
          #1 the weight is on the side not in the center ,
          #2 the prop in down below the bottom of the canoe about 1 foot give or take a little
          # 3 as the operator of the motor is sitting down an can not see what is coming up, an he has a very difficult time standing up or shifthing there weight to get the motor up an counter ballance the motor movement,
          do not get me wrong the side mount motor will work in large rivers/ lakes / ponds, in deap water, [over 2 feet] but if it hits any thing, the ballance of the canoe is upset , an things will happen fast,

          canoes ane called tippie canoes for a reason,

          saying that I have put alot of miles in a canoe 35+ years I am not aganst canoes, it is just to make people know what can happen

          SID roud:


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            I was contemplating the same thing and wound up getting a good deal (in my eyes) on an Old Town Predator SS150, I decided a square stern would be a better idea if I am planning on a motor and it had oar locks for rowing. I plan on using it in lakes up here and possibly the little su. I figure with 2 year old and 4 year old kids the motor would be a good idea so I don't get worn out paddling them everywhere.


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              I used to run my little 14 foot cedar strip canoe with a trolling motor all the time. I'm assuming you are talking about a small electric trolling motor. I just clamped it to the side and off I went. Great for trolling around the lake. I went up and down Jim Creek with it as well. Slow and silent. Kinda fun.
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                I'm sure you've seen this...
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