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    Hello folks. I just bought my first canoe and looking for scenic areas to go. Looking for slow rivers and scenic lakes that may have remote campgrounds on them. I would be toting my wife, 4 yr old and dog in the process. I have been out to some of the lakes on Ft Rich and plan to run out to Elklutna when the weather clears.
    Also any tips or info that would make my canoe time more enjoyable?

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    Scenic Lakes, good beginner waters, remote campgrounds as well as remote cabins, and good pike fishing (please kill LOTS of 'em!). 90 minutes from Anchorage.
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      Jim Creek { Parmer } is a good place to get your feet wet in paddling up streams not much for camping but is is a slow stream an you can float back to the verical , after you get your feet wet a little, the canoe trails on the Kenia are not bad no cabins an lots of bugs, but if you have a camper you can camp in it, an take day trips back into the Area to fish an look around


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        You want to weld up a trailer so you can pull that thing behind your GS?

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          Thanks for the replies!

          Mud:Ha! I could only imagine!


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