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  • Tips for running rivers

    I have held off from posting this thread for awhile. The reason being is most likely the answers would be simple. Something akin to shallow water jet boating questions in the power boating section. I figured, eventually I'd finally launch my canoe on a river and just give it a go. Basically I just haven't got around to it. This summer I'd like to give it a try.

    My gut yells me it won't be a big deal. I have plenty of river boat experience, I have ran the same canoe and outboard before I could legally drive in lakes and slow creeks. So put the two together I think I will do just fine.

    I decided I will throw this out there and maybe pick up a few pointers. My setup is an older 17' osagian with an 8hp suzuki long shaft. The transom is raised my a non adjustable metal plate to get the prop in a better below the transom position. The outboard has a dol-phin to keep the bow from pointing at the moon. The combo rides fast and flat. Nimble on the water but things turn dangerous if the dol-phin looses lift. On the lakes and creeks I know this boat well and I confident with it.

    Anyways, tips and tricks for the rivers might be a fun read.

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    Water Gremlin,

    When your canoe is on step, will it make sharp turns with rapid reversals either left or right? What causes the dol-phin to loose lift? Aerated water? Something else?


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      air under the dolhin, you are running with it very close to the top of water, this will happen every time when we push to the max , the only way to stop it is to put the eng. down some , or don't make sharp turn' s or live with it , if you drop the eng down in 1/4 inch steps you will see a lot of differance at each step, you just have deside what you want for performace, or slow down,,,,,,,
      on my rig with out the phin, when I make a hard turn it happends & I have a good lift, I just live with it, I have very few times in the last 30 years that it created a problem , only on LAKES & large RIVER, small rivers /streams you are not going that fast so it don't bother you


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        Good thread man. My thoughts are "simple" for sure. Think of all the things that can go wrong and then find the remedy. Taking a trip that requires the motor? What can go wrong on the motor? Spare parts kit? Hole in boat from whatever, got a patch kit? Spare paddles? Personal locator beacon or sat phone (that works in the area you are in)? I like the ACR plb's myself and always take one on remote trips, my "back up for the back up" I call it. A good first aid kit is a must. PM me if you want some ideas that go beyond the norm. Then there is weather, can't do much about it, but think out extremes and your responses. Water low and water high namely. Take more gas than you need and allow more time than you think you will need. Oh, and always take extra liquor.

        The two loudest sounds known to man: a gun that goes bang when it is supposed to go click and a gun that goes click when it is supposed to go bang.


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          when possible, you might consider going to a motor with no sheer pin hub. It really does get scary when you loose ALL power and you're scrambling for the paddle so you don't get ejected into a cut bank. Sometimes.......the current catches the bow really easily when you have keels and whips you right sideways while your keel catches every rock and shallow spot. With a rubber hub prop, it doesnt happen. One of the best things you can do with a sheer pin design is to take your stock sheer pin to the hardware store and find a large spike/nail that is the same diameter as your sheer pins and make your own. They seem to be a bit tougher than sheer pins and take a few more hits than a regular sheer pin before breaking. The lower unit of that zuk motor is bomb proof anyways. good luck on the water and have a great summer!


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            I like to have a 12' spruce pole in the boat, and bow and stern lines in case lining up or down stream is indicated.


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              sheer pins ?? they are not the way to go because when it fails is when you will need it the most you just hit rock an one more goming up an no tine to get the boat under control with a paddle that you don't have in your hannd,
              remember if the prop has its blades it might not be very effetive but it will work,
              also the gear box can break I know an the drive shaft motor to gear box can twist of never lost one but the spline on the end of shaft is bent


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