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stress on the transom

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  • stress on the transom

    has any one look into the stress on the transom with the new transom lifts , tha old ones that mounted more on the gunnels of the canoes, worked great, no transom movement all force [most] was but on the gunnels of the canoe so the back end did not flex, the way the new ones will with the larger eng's that every one is thinking of putting on, I know that there is no problem with the old lifts on the 17' / 19' grummen canoes, the old way lasted many many years an still goild strong ,
    I remember when I was younger an put a 25 HP on a cheep 14 FT john boat the transom would flex to a point we had to brece it to the seat with a block of wood, to stop it from rolling in, boat did not last very long any input ??? :question:

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