what about an air cooled outboard for a canoe.



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  • what about an air cooled outboard for a canoe.

    All this talk about mud buddys got me to thinking why not a air cooled 5hp from briggs and straten?

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    Matt, I have two air cooled motors which I use on my canoes. One is a "Cruise-n-Carry", the other is a Sears Gamefisher. Both work well and are light but are noisy compared to water cooled motors. However, I hear that the small air cooled Hondas and "Zukis are quiet.


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      Probably work good and you wouldn't have to worry about burning it up by lifting it part out of the water. And they are fairly cheap.


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        I looked at them, but did not buy one because of the noise and vibration. I also prefer a long shaft which is not available on the Briggs.
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          I picked up a factory camo b&s 5hp last year and love the thing. Great carry handles, light, but it is noisy and a lot of vibration. The value of the thing sets of the cons, If I had a lot more money I might step up to a Honda, but the B&S gets it done.


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            it all depends on what you want, there are some draw backs with them, but they are cheeper than the water cooled, they will work very well on lakes an large rivers, not very well on small rivers an streams , it all depends on what you want, you need to have a few sheer pins when you use it,
            good boating see you om the steams


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