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Airboating on the Knik

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  • Airboating on the Knik

    Saturday before Easter a bunch of us got together for an annual airboat opener and Easter egg hunt. It was for sure a family day. Many took their children, lots of colored eggs to hide along the banks of the Knik, and friends many with and without airboats.

    Pam & Jimmy had 30 pounds of barbecued chicken they cooked for all of us, and there was lots more too. Randy and Heather brought lots for everyone too. Eats of all kinds, pop, barley pops, and bottled water. We even had hot coffee for us dyed-in-the-wool coffee drinkers. AND of course airboats. By my count there were 9-airboats at this annual event.

    If we can get some comments from the others there at Alaska Airboats, I've got pics. This years shake down / gotta-find-the-eggs event was cooler than the last few but less snow too. Believe it or not we were in a wind shadow there on the Knik.

    The boat Rose & I had made was built in 2009 by Alaska Airboats. It is an ultra light "Recon". It is a 12' long X 7' wide riveted aircraft aluminum airboat hull designed by Leonard Hare and powered by a 110 hp Hirth fuel injected ultra-lite aircraft engine. We are talking state of the art technology mated to a hand made boat designed specifically to be an airboat. We're not talking about a modified duck boat here matey!

    I'm hoping after all these words to post those pics... Help me out folks! I'm new to the forum blog thing. Thanks!
    That country was so hungry even the ravens were packin' a lunch.... HUNGRY I tell ya'!!

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    Was that you guys up the Knik just below where the Matanuska dumps in?... I was one of the guys without an airboat cruising by...That was quite a crowd, I shouldda' stopped in for some chicken
    pull my finger....


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      Welcome to the forum. I heard about the get together for several years and have never made it; Iím a little old for an Easter age hunt. You mention the new state of the art technology; airboating has come a long way when I first had my boat built.


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        Glad to hear it went well. Haven't heard of the annual easter egg hunt before...maybe next year a reminder here will lure in a few more of us to join you. Sounds like it was fun.
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          That would have been great Rutting Moose! Do it next year.
          That country was so hungry even the ravens were packin' a lunch.... HUNGRY I tell ya'!!


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