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  • Winches

    Hi guys, I was just wondering what type of winches you guys are running on your airboats. Make, pulling poundage, and weight of the winch itself. I'm tired of the comealong route and am open to suggestion!!

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    I Would Sugest A Chain Saw Winch Our A Handy Man Jack You Can Use It As A Winch To Pull Your Self


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      I have a Rule winch on the front of my airboat itís a 6K#. Itís rotate 300* so I can use it to turn the boat around. I also carry a pulley, hi-lift jack, tarp to break the suction, shove, chain saw, big anchor, extra rope and 2x4ís. I seem to have a problem going so far up creeks I can not turn around.

      The winch will pull my boat with out a problem, IF my anchor does not move the reason for all the other tools is you never can find big enough anchor where you need it.


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        Thanks Skip and Moose. I will look into the Rule. I've been using ropealongs, comealongs and handymans and am getting lazy!!! I like the idea of an electric winch. did you mount it to your boat? I am thinking of setting it up so it can go to either the front or back...


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          The winch is mounted on the front of the boat, as you can see it can rotate to the right and left.

          At one time I wanted to have a winch on the front and rear of my truck. I made a mount for the truck the winch slip into the 2X2 receiver and I had welding cable running to it. You could do something like that. I would recommend you use a large welding cable and disconnect and two batteries just incase you run one down.


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            Thanks moose....did you fab up the plate for the winch yourself? How is it attached to the bow. That is pretty much what I was thinking for the bow also.


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              Yes I made it myself, if you looked at the top plate you will see two size holes the big ones are use to access bolts that bolt the box to the boat, the smaller one are to lock the winch in place (see the tee handle). I also have a ľ sheet of uhmw between the winch and the box so the winch will rotate smoothly.


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