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Airboat Insurance????

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  • Airboat Insurance????

    Anybody know where I can get insurance on an airboat??

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    I would check with your local car insurance company. If I remember right State Farm offers it, I could be wrong though.

    What kind of ariboat did you get? We used to run an Alaska Airboats 14' Rotax 912 Dual Ivo prop airboat. What a sweat machine that was. I have been driving airboats in Alaska for over 10 years now.

    When most poeple buy an airboat they take it to Knik. Then they pop the cherry by invaluntary beeching it on the Jim Creek flats. Seen it a million times.


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      But at least you get to party with the local teenagers while on the


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        Jim Creek

        Are they beaching because they don't have enough power, KNow how to drive, or it's just that sticky? I've got to finish putting mine together and then I was going to give her a shake down out at Knik river.

        Should I take a cooler full of offerings for the locals in case I become a statistic???


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          I am going to start a new thread, I dont want to hijack this one. Which I probably already have.


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            I have a 22 foot jetboat not an airboat but I carry insurance through State Farm. I think it is about $39 per month for my boat year round.


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              I am getting a 16 AK airboat with a 350 (provide the boat runs out good and the deal doesn't fall through), and I will probably beach it on the Knik this weekend or in a few weeks.

              I have tried all the AK insurance companys in Anchorage, I guess airboats are not a big enough market up here according to insurance agents.

              I did find insurance through Northwest Maritime (Marine), but it cost about $800 a year. That is better than losing everthing I guess.

              Thanks again for the help, and if anyone wants to run with me lets me up and take the boats out...I could stand to learn a few things on AK rivers with an airboat.


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                I have an Airboat and speaking from experance. If you have never had an Airboat I highly recommend you have someone with experience take a look at it.

                I personal would never buy an Airboat with out looking for cracks under the floor.

                Have you tried Sailor's Acceptance 503-659-6443, 800-258-6443
                or IWSF, @ www.iwsf. us ?

                Good Luck.



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                  where to find an experienced airboat to help?

                  Where can I find such a person? I would appreciate the help....Thanks, Gary.


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                    Airboat Insurance

                    I purchased my first airboat this past October and was able to get insurance from Allstate in Wasilla as long as the boat did not have aircraft propellers. Since it had Powershift air boat props I was able to get it for about the same price as I was paying for my jet boat.


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                      We have several companies we reccommend but do not use IWSF, we have been notified by the State not to use them. We had our insurance with them for a couple years. It is a good thing we never had a claim. I'm pretty sure there wouldn't have been any payments.

                      Just wanted to bring this post back to life to help anyone else from getting burned!
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                        Originally posted by Contender View Post
                        I have a 22 foot jetboat not an airboat but I carry insurance through State Farm. I think it is about $39 per month for my boat year round.
                        I own a Phantom SportJon and have coverage though State Farm. My insurance is (I believe) $300 a year and that includes a number of extra add-on's for loss of gear, accessories, towing, and Med-Pay for everyone on the boat incase of an injury. The insurance company will ask you where you plan to use your boat/airboat and your answer may increase your premiums. When asked by Statefarm I told them "Alaska's rivers and internal waterway's" - as long as I'm not out in the ocean, I'm covered. I was worried about insurance after a guy I met with a Phantom had his insurance carrier refuse to insure his boat (they evidently saw video's of people jumping beaver dams). Statefarm insures the person, not the vehicle. If I recall, my agent told me they anything but a wooden boat.
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