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"'Rev up': Justice Kagan tells Alaska hunter he can pursue moose with his hovercraft"

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  • "'Rev up': Justice Kagan tells Alaska hunter he can pursue moose with his hovercraft"

    It's about time that the government did something right, which in this case and in most cases is nothing.

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    Agreed! I wonder how the rules these federal overlords (“agencies”?) would stand up if they needed to pass a vote by the people of this state? Outlawing all these means of transportation and commerce sounds completely different to the hundreds of millions of American citizens who don’t live here surrounded by these vast tracts of lands with access restricted both to them (and lands beyond them) by these onerous, arbitrary rules they support either tacitly it overtly, and force upon us with no understanding that we have none of the roads through these lands such as they do in the lower 48. It’s a system flawed since it’s inception when the federal govt first usurped the states sovereign rights and controls of their own destinies by taking lands other than those spelled out in our nations founding documents. But, the “mob” (“majority?”) went along with the federal over reach and stuffed it down the throats of the newer and less populated states. If an average citizen could drive in and through these vast tracts of lands and pull over at all the “scenic lookouts” and camp at all the fancy campgrounds with real restroom facilities and running water and paved camping sites, then some of these stupid rules virtually eliminating access to all Alaskans except the ultra rich or the outlaws might make a smidgeon of sense, although the restrictions still arrogantly fly in the face of the states rights our founding fathers sacrificed their lives for all those years ago. Meanwhile, the “plot?” Conveniently thickens as they play off our various groups of outdoorsmen (and women 👱 and children) one against the other, until the day is now upon us where we can no longer shoot “the Kings deer”. A classic example of this division will be evidenced by the group of brethren outdoorsmen who will argue that our ancestors who fought for and secured freedom from our European overlords were bigoted white guys, I presume they don’t have the vision to realize what this place would look like today if under the inevitable rule of Putin or Theresa May and the EU;(. Another example of the division (and the reservation of the fish and game for only the wealthy “royalty”) is the recent federal award of the tens of thousands of acres to the regional corporations on either side of the parks and Glenn highways, and all watersheds in between, with NO easements to allow continued public access to state or federal lands lying beyond these tracts. Any doubts about the intent to divide us and lock out all but the wealthy? Check out the access fees the corporations are charging us (their lifelong neighbors) for access on, or across their lands now blocking us even from accessing the poorer quality, harder to access public lands they now also control compliments of the blockade they have been awarded by the federal govt. And, the “divided we fall” concept will prevail in the end, witness the issues already prevalent surrounding the proposed road project to king cove. Anyway, this is good news, I wonder how many Alaskans even realize that on most lands and rivers under the control of our federal overlords use of a simple vehicle such as a hovercraft is often prohibited? And that commercial use of an airboat is as well? Or that millions of acres of land are being held hostage by a “rule making” provision allowing virtually anybody to recommend arguably any waterway in the state for “possible” inclusion in the wild and scenic act? Never mind that Congress is mandated to take up the matter within 3 years but has still not taken up ANY of the proposed additions since passage of the original act, ALL of these waterways and the lands they would access are managed by the overlords to the same standards as officially designated, congressional approved “wild and scenic rivers”. It might seem like small nicks in the armor of freedom, not allowing commercial use of an airboat only effects a small percentage of us, not allowing hovercraft only a handful of others, but access to public lands on the Talkeetna and susitna watersheds, the Glenn and parks highways, and most lakes in between, and refusal of the road to king cove denying those few souls access to medical care during adverse weather and the numbers start adding up to more than just a couple of us. As an Alaskan kid here more than 50 years ago, I never was aware of any differences between me and the other kids, we all missed school for moose and caribou hunting, we were neighbors and not just that, we were all of us Alaskans. If we don’t get back to that soon, outside forces will soon pick us off one small group at a time, all the while appealing to our least noble instincts of greed and selfishness to keep us thinking we belong to the special group they will not shut down. That may be true for the lifetimes of some of us older folks, but the fact remains that while one or another segment of our division might be saved for last in this extinction of freedoms, the majority of us and our offspring will eventually be banned from these activities that have always made us such a unique people. Our best chance at preserving this uniqueness is to stand together as neighbors and refuse to allow these politicians and outside groups divide us and use us to take away each other’s freedoms.


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