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Looking for info on an Airboat

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  • Looking for info on an Airboat

    Does anyone know this airboat and it's history? Anything to be aware of that would scare you off? What do you think this boat is worth? Thanks in advance!

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    is that a pickup canopy it has attached to give it a top, and help protect from weather....if it is it looks like one of the first ones I looked at about 10 years ago in anchorage when I first started thinking and looking. the guy wanted 10k for it then. can't really place value on it without knowing more about the motor, both condition and what kind. looks like a older hull design. need to examine very closely flatness of hull near the transom, if pushed in at all it will cause the boat to run on its nose and plow, rather then get up on step. use a yardstick across bottom and see how much gap in the center of it. good luck


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      Thanks for the info.. He has told me it was a former tour boat on the knik. Hull built in 86 and it has a crate motor 502 that was rebuilt by Alaska drag bike about 50 hrs ago. Hard to see the bottom of the boat due to snow.

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