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  • Deshka Landing

    This is a current post from the Deshka Landing.

    Most of the ice has been broken up in the launch area, it is still getting below freezing at night and the Susitna has been slow to come up and flush out. Some Member/Owners have taken Airboats out and that has helped. About 3/4's out the ice is still frozen solid to the bottom. No jet boats have tried it yet due to the slush and it will likely plug their jets.
    Right now we are not open to the public, this has been the earliest year ever and the parking lot is not ready and still very soft. Mother Nature is early. Once it firms up we will let people know when they can come out to launch. Annual Pass holders will be able to come access the gate and we will be turning on Summer passes soon.

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    Latest update as of 9:30 a.m. 25 Apr 2016:

    The water level is still low, but there were people that made successful runs over the weekend with air boats, jet boats and inboard boats. We are still not open to the public but annual pass holders who have swipe cards have gate access. Stop by the office Thursday through Monday 9am to 5pm (closed Tuesday and Wednesday) to renew annual and summer passes.


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