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Airboat Crash

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  • Airboat Crash!lifeofavgjoe/c11zy

    This guy was on the boat.
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    Honest Response and Question

    Actually I was on the boat. N thought that maybe one or the other has to give the right of way. I have never been on an airboat to that point .. so I am under the impression that IF one of them let off the throttle they would lose control or have less steering. But WHO is the one that is suppose to lay off.

    Personally I think what happened is, they were trying to cram a crap load of airboats out before weather came in so they wouldnt miss out on any $$$. The pamphlet says an airboat leaves every 20-30minutes. I got there and they sent out 4 boats in less than 5 minutes.

    Heres the kicker. The Spot where we came out ... is the main drag in to the rest of the swamp! So the girl driver on the other boat HAS TO KNOW that other airboats come ripping out of there on their initial launch from the place you get on the boat at. SO if she knows that little alley way coming out is the main entrance for the Gator Park airboats ... Shouldnt she have been a little more cautious??? Or is it our guys fault because of some port side starboard side navigational rules??? I am curious because now my girlfriend is terrified to go back on one. I liked it but am curious of the probability of this happening again since there are sections that are hard to see in those swamps and if you hauling @$$ .. since those things dont stop or turn on a dime ... what are the probabilities of that happening again??? That is a serious question. Where was the protocal blown?

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    Well that was interesting. I would say normally the guy traveling down stream has the right of way, in this case I would venture to say the boat coming out would have the right of way. Without seeing the area and seeing the dynamics of the water ways they are running it could go either way. The risk of it happening again is likely if you play the numbers game. My guess was someone was going to fast to correct and the other boat trusting the operator of the other boat to account for the operator error. In the end you will have two people pointing a finger at the other.


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