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whats the best GPS ?

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  • whats the best GPS ?

    I have a Garmin hand held, but I would like to install a good GPS with a nice size screen for viewing the Topographic map easily.
    Who has a nice GPS installed in the cab of their airboat that they are happy with ? Tell me about it, and what would be a good GPS for me to get. ( with the Alaska Topographic maps software available ) :question:

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    Hi there captain K I have a Montana 650 T I highly recommend it its a camera a gps you can down load topo maps on it and when you get back you can down load them on google earth and see where you have been, it will tell you how far you have traveled how fast you traveled. and you can use it in your car for traveling. Its great you can find lakes and meadows that you use to pass by.


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      captain K, I am new to the forum but old timer airboater from Fla, I just got the new Garmin Ecomap 70S for my new Diamondback build, put one in a buddy kicker boat, gps is fast and you can pick up one for 500.00 including the depth sounder lots of maps options go to Garmin and check it out for a good deal I have fellow Airboater in Fla that is a Garmin dealer and he can get you best price and drop ship to ya, I am flush mounting mine but it comes with gimbal mount, Call Bob Herndon it you want to get details 941-705-6344. Diamondback puts this unit in lots of their boats as well with Cab's.


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        You want best big screen?....get a smart phone or tablet, install GPS app, and have huge screen with much better resolution and have your topo's....or even better you can download the Google Earth images to it too...
        pull my finger....


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          Stick with Garmin, they have several big screens to choose from.
          I have such a hard time trying to decide which outdoor activity to do every chance I get!! Living in AK is a mental challenge


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