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  • Ultra light airboat

    Im thinking about picking up one of the ultra light airboats. its a 12' boat with 110 horse hirth engine. ive got some experience in airboats down south, but up here river experience is limited to a 21' jet boat.
    I certainly dont need the thing, but it looks like it could be a good time. My question is this.... Do any of you run them up here? Are they practical? I have Zero plans to try a moose in it, but perhaps a caribou if the opportunity presented itself. Been doing alot of looking, and coming up with very little info. Thanks in advance!

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    Personally I am not to hot on using aircraft engines in airboats. That said I have NO, "O" experience with an ultra light airboat, might work fine.


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      Carlak2fl, did you ever get this airboat or gert any good input? I bear hunted in a ultra light this spring and i think it would be a great hunting boat. Let me know if you have any advice. Looking at two right now and one needs to be built (all the parts is what im buying). both are ran by aircraft motors. whats your feelings on that?


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        For small boats theres nothing wrong with aircraft motors, lighter, no coolant to screw with, can hand prop to start easily if your battery goes dead, higher quality parts to not go out on you. Only bad things is when the setup isnt correctly put together, and not as much horsepower. A 12' with 110 should do ok, the 12 footers I have seen with the yamaha bike engines are the best setup for that size. Light, lots of horsepower when you need it(anywhere from 120 to 230). Same motor that goes in the vk pro sleds.


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