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  • Airboat drop off wanted

    I'm looking for an airboat drop off and maybe pick up (or we can float out via raft) in the 20 Mile River/Placer River area around August 25 or Labor Day weekend or when you have a day available. We have an any bull permit for that area. If there is someone, private or commercial, that can do this that you know of please let me know. I have contacted a couple places I found online but they don't travel to this area. I'm hoping to find someone that can via this forum as i have had no luck searching online for a outfitter. Thanks so much.

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    You are going to need a Licensed Transporter.

    If I were you, I would check with guides that hunt in that area & ask them about whom does drop camps in that area.

    With State laws like they are , unlicensed individuals would take too much chance of Law trouble to even just charge for the gas used..

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