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running the middle fork Chena river

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  • running the middle fork Chena river

    Has anyone run the middle fork if so where's a good launch and how much hunting pressure does it get during moose season from river and airboats and what kind of hazards to look for? Was planning on doing some scouting trips this summer, any info is appreciated, thanks.

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    Launch from the third bridge (mile 44), go downstream maybe 1/2 mile, hang a left. Hazards include miners with guns, and during moose season everybody and their brother. It gets a lot of pressure.
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      I'll reiterate the pressure up there. Especially later in the season when many areas are closed and that area remains open. Beautiful country and excellent grayling fishing.
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        Nice paddle through there...can be somewhat challenging depending on water level. Good fishing....I wouldn't waste my time hunting there. Every Tom, Dick and Harry has already done that......


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          And there is a big logjam upriver a ways...that stops jetboaters and most airboaters. There are some locals that go up above the jam but that usually entails hours of cutting and winching.


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