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  • Engine Guard Cover

    What does everyone use to cover there engines when the boat is parked on the river or on the trailer? Currently I use a tarp and fight the wind and or rain every time.

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    sometimes i can get away with using the neighbors shop or carport, but usually just a tarp and bungie. check with bk, or skip, they have a nice larger fiberglass engine cover that pretty much deflects all the rain off to the side, and looks good. i was just too cheap to spend another $200 on one of them. Bud


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      Its odd, but we (deshka river group) are the only ones who cover their motors.....for the most part.
      Almost all other boats I see parked do not have a cover over the cage.
      Mentioned it to Skip once, he stated our boats are tough, no need o cover 'em. I like to keep the weather off mine though and that blue tarp is tough to beat price-wise!

      Try Johns upholstery in Wasilla, behind Evangelos, for a custom cage cover. John is good and turn around time has been great as well

      BK Marine Services 232-6399
      Alaskas only Planar diesel heaters dealer, service, warranty, and installation.
      Alaskas only Lonestar drum winch dealer, Whirlwind props, Stinger gearbox, and Alumatech airboats.


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        I remember Deshka was very dusty, could the reason you would want to cover the engine is to keep the dust from shorting out the ignition when it get wet?


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          Skip sells a large fiberglass shell that covers the aircleaner and distributor. It does a pretty good job shedding water away from the engine. Other than that I dont cover mine.


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            I think most folks cover their engines because of the sun's UV rays. It also helps keep moisture out of the electrical connections. It seems to me that spark plugs wires, fuel lines, trailer tires, etc., take a frickin' beating up here due to sun damage. Call me crazy, but if you look at an identical set up that's been covered next to a setup that hasn't been, you'll see what I'm saying....


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