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  • Airboat Insurance

    Been awhile since anyone has addressed Insurance for Airboats. What company do you all use and about how much do you pay. I have checked into it and either the insurance company doesn't carry it or it cost almost $1000 dollars a year. I know I have pushed my luck the past few years without it but really do need to get it. I really would like to keep my house and toys, and don't want to loose them to some lawsuit if I do ever get into an accident.

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    markel insurance, the best 800 879 2248

    Bk uses charter lakes. same company, charter is a agent for markel who is the actual underwriter. ask about both plans, specific amount where you insure for fixed amount, say $30k and if boat is stolen or distroyed, you get paid the $30 k, or actual value, where you say boat is valued $30k and they tell you bluebook value is $18k and u argue. Be sure you know what type you are getting. call them..Bud


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      I just bought my airboat here last month. I'm using charter lakes at 567.00 for year. On a American Air Ranger at 25,000 for the boat and 5,500 for trailer.

      They told me the things that come in factor on price was you driving history and credit history...
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