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Selling airboat super cheap

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  • Selling airboat super cheap

    Long story made short. Use to live in Alaska, had to move to colorado. Was planning on shipping boat out here but fate stepped in. Having health problems so boat has to go. I have a 2004 diamondback airboat with 8.1 liter chevy marine vortex with counter rotating props. Boat is 20 x 7 with nice trailer. Trailer was valued at $8000.oo brand new. Boat has about 260 hours on it since new. The engine/prop with seat and rudders can be unbolted and put in another boat real easy. So I will sell this separate if need be. Whole boat, trailer, and extras for $8000.oo. Or you can buy engine/prop assbly for $6000.oo.

    The not so good, boat is located in aniak, ak. You could buy engine,prop assbly and ship it out on airplane. Backhaul rate is pretty cheap. There is a mechanic shop in aniak that can help with all logistics. Or you can drive the boat out to Fairbanks over the snow and send in trailer in on airplane. That would be one heck of a trip.

    Boat is valued around 25,000 if it was down here.
    Let me know.
    Thanks. Gas hogg

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    Sent you an email. Give me a call the number is in the email. Thanks


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      Go to you tube. Type in hunting with airboat in middle of nowhere


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        Here ya go.
        "I refuse to let the things I can't do stop me from doing the things I can"


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          That boat looks really bow heavy and is plowing a lot. I was concerned with it swamping when he made the U turn close to the end of the vidio. i'd be very interested in the CR unit and props if you end up parting it out. Bud


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            I had the boat loaded front heavy. My bad. Anyway I sold the boat. Good luck to all and safe airboating


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