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New moose hunter looking for someone with an airboat to hunt 20A

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  • New moose hunter looking for someone with an airboat to hunt 20A

    I live in Fairbanks. I've been hunting moose in 20B but for about 8 days this season, but I"d like to hunt 20A and I hear that airboat is the way to go . I"ve been out with a friend of mine on his but he works up north and can't hunt the last few days, and I'm holding out hope for my first big game animals still.

    I've begun moose hunting this year and so far have only seen a cow and calf on the drive home. I'm having trouble finding areas that aren't overrun by four wheelers. I spent time sitting on the edge of a meadow behind Ski Land and didn't see a thing in the meadow or on the hillsides above, I drove to the bridge at the bottom of Standard Creek road only to find the road after the bridge soft and impassible by truck, then spent the other 6 days out the Elliott where the hunting pressure was great.

    I don't have a four wheeler or boat and am hiking in to glass, I'm not afraid to do the work, but understand my own limitations. I'm 140 lb. woman and anything more than a few miles back would be very difficult for me to pack out.

    Any advice or suggestions you have would be helpful, feel free to pm me as well. Alternativley, I'm willing to learn so if anyone needs someone to help pack out meat but is willing to teach them the ropes let me know. My calling could use some work still and the only gutting large game experience I have is watching the ADF&G video many times (I"ve gutted fowl before).

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    You realize the season is over today right?

    Forgot they extended 20A you have 5 more days


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      Originally posted by Bsj425 View Post
      You realize the season is over today right?
      20A is open until the 25th. The area I've been hunting in 20B closes today, which is why I'm looking for someone to hunt 20A with for the remainder of the season.

      Thanks for looking out I would hate to be wrong, so I double checked. :topjob:


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