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    I'm a long time boater (charter captain) but know next to nothing about airboats, however, am considering one for use in SE. The cabin I'm about to buy is on Chilkat Lake, just off the Chilkat River, about 25 miles from Haines. The lake gets LOTS of snow, and is usually frozen from November thruogh June. Would an airboat be able to provide year round transportation to and from the cabin? I'm mostly concerned about the transition times, during freeze-up and thaw. In the river, what kinds of currents could I safely expect to be able to run?

    Any information, contacts, or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Your boats ability to run swift water and break-up/freeze-up conditions depend on your boat itself.
    Hull, material, side height, power package, & bottom composition are all determining factors that will let you drive it on ice, snow, gravel, water, or a combination of any of the above.
    With the right boat, your ride to/from should be toasty warm and safe.
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      I would be leary of big waves, talking more about river waves, any water rated at more then a class I. I would be careful and hope there is smooth water to travel though if there are big rocks and waves in the middle. Strong current is usually not a problem if bottom is smooth. This is my limited experience talking. Hope some more experienced airboaters chime in. If you are going to run ice, be sure and get aluminum and not fiberglass. I might be able to send you contact for a experienced ab'er in the Wrangle area. Bud


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        Bud, thanks for your input; I'd apprecate any contact you could give me. Dan


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          Hi There Dan Feel Free To Call Me I Have Experance Running Froze Ground Ice And Snow And Would Be More Then Happy To Talk To You About The Does And Don'ts My Number Is 907-322-3291 My Name Is Skip


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