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  1. Ninilchik tribe flexing its political muscle... Part 2
  2. Halibut limits
  3. Limited entry for guides?
  4. Kenai slot limit... your thoughts?
  5. NMFS rejects 1 fish bag limit in Alaska
  6. "informed choice"... compromise Kenai slot plan
  7. Ak Fishing News: NMFS Rejects One Fish Rule for Charter Fleet
  8. what do you think about these BOf proposals?
  9. "informed choice"... KAFC sanctuary closures
  10. Kenai River late run jack chinook issue
  11. Commerical buyout?
  12. Late Run Kenai Kings: Why so many jacks?
  13. Limiting Long-Liners in Prince William Sound
  14. Kafc?
  15. 2007 Board of Fisheries Proposals
  16. Good job ADF&G
  17. Kenai River guides numbers set record high. . .
  18. What happened to 40,000 Kenai kings?
  19. Kenai River management solutions and/or options. . .
  20. Ak Fishing News: Kenai River Special Management Area Advisory Board Members Sought
  21. Your thoughts on 4 stroke Kenai req.
  22. 2007 hydrocarbon results in the Kenai River
  23. Kenai River management questions. . .
  24. My 2-stroke vs. 4-stroke positon w/ data
  25. Kenai River Special Management Area Alert. . .
  26. Kenai River Commercial Operators Trends And Numbers. . .
  27. My first/last post in this forum about the Kenai
  28. Proposed mandatory boater education for Kenai River users. . .
  29. Kenai River safety issues and 50-horsepower. . .
  30. Full disclosure. . .
  31. Kenai River Sport Fishing Association Proposal
  32. Kodiak commercial troll fishery
  33. Cook Inlet Has Been the Center of Disputes
  34. Brown decison and windows
  35. ADF&G's Mission and the Kenai
  36. KASILOF proposals... "terminal" commercial fishery
  37. KASILOF proposals... liberalizing in-river sockeye exploitation
  38. KASILOF proposals... king sanctuary above the bridge
  39. Susitna Valley Fish and Game Adviory Committee
  40. Guide Behavior Modification
  41. KENAI drift-only proposals
  42. More Kenai proposals (non-BOF)
  43. KENAI PROPOSALS: Got jack?
  44. Where Did All The Kings GO
  45. Dipnetting cutbacks AGAIN!!!
  46. Trawlers Net 139,112 Kings
  47. Deska Weir to be removed
  48. B.O.F meetings, which day(s) to attend?
  49. Floods of 2006
  50. MATSU AC meeting
  51. BOF Process
  52. More bad news for the Valley Salmon
  53. New Reg Proposed Prohibit Use of Electric Reels for Halibut Sportfishing
  54. New/Proposed halibut reg's
  55. Do you have a dog in the fight?
  56. Deshka Kings
  57. New UCI information?
  58. Over excapement
  59. Wasilla public meeting Wednesday January 30 2pm
  60. Speak now or forever hold your peace...
  61. ADN Letter to the editer....For the Valley
  62. Fair way to reduce the crowds on the Kenai.
  63. Soldotna/Valley BOF Testimony......
  64. audio stream of BOF meeting
  65. Finally, an answer!!! Kenai 50's approved
  66. Privatizing a Natural Resource
  67. Best of BOF testimony
  68. Good news on the habitat front...
  69. Salmon By-Catch
  70. Kenai Sanctuaries Closed Jan 1 to July 31.
  71. New Funniest BOF comment
  72. More proposals that passed...
  73. The cynic's outlook on the BOF process
  74. BOF summary of actions???
  75. Question for Bfish
  76. For the Record, ER King Package....
  77. The fish need YOUR help!
  78. Susitna River management in 2008
  79. SB 284, Reorg. the board of fish, Sen.green.
  80. Kenai Wake & Hydrocabons Problems SOLVED
  81. Just rumors?
  82. Susitna sockeye salmon action plan
  83. Possible New Fishing Guide Requirements
  84. Kenai River Anchor Dragging
  85. Fish and Game-appointed task force
  86. another strange regulation as worded
  87. togiak nwr management plan revision
  88. call for proposals
  89. Arolik River needs sportfish reg changes!!!
  90. Sounds better
  91. Kings in Set Nets
  92. Senate Resource committee hearing on new BOF nominees
  93. Mat-Su, Kenai fish war brewing
  94. Bad news for Southeast AK!
  95. Any Commericial fisherman out there?
  96. U.S. Halts Commercial Salmon Season
  97. Legislative Task Force to be appointed
  98. DNR funding and KRSA
  99. The state is ok with a 1 halibut limit.
  100. SOS
  101. Why we are the way we are...a primer for the un-initiated
  102. ADF&G and Habitat Division
  103. Filleting dilemma in SE...
  104. Article in Homer News- what do you think?
  105. Kenai River hydrocarbon sampling 2008
  106. Commericial fishing
  107. 2-stroke Law Bias To Dipneting
  108. Is there an Alaskan Fish Market?
  109. FYI:Open House Meeting, RE: Kasilof Boat Launch
  110. 2008 Salmon Harvest
  111. UCI salmon taskforce
  112. Marine Stewardship Council Certificate
  113. Resident vs non-resident guides
  114. Comments Requested - New Limits on Sports Fishing
  115. Legality of live release of pike
  116. Kenai River bait and some guides objection
  117. IPHC Zone Map Regulatory Areas
  118. Question for Aktally or Akkona
  119. SouthEast Charter boats get a reprieve on Halibut.
  120. Clean Water Initiative
  121. Governor Signs Bills Benefiting Soldiers
  122. Sportfish Strategic Plan
  123. Deshka Closed to Fishing
  124. Lead sinkers, cause and affect.
  125. Bycatch
  126. Kenai Peninsula Subsistence Fisheries - Week 1 Report
  127. Kenai king catch?
  128. Judge rules in favor of charters in SE
  129. Exxon Settlement
  130. Large Halibut/Breeders...
  131. Dear Marine Harvest
  132. KAFC against KRSA
  133. THEY'RE HERE.... sockeye storm the Kasilof
  134. Kenai slot limit goes away today.
  135. Kaligan Island King Salmon Set net fishery
  136. Kenai River Late Run Kings: REPORT
  137. Kenai late run reds managed for commercial harvest
  138. Cheney Lake "poisoned"???
  139. Yentna sockeye on the radar screen.
  140. Commercial Fishermen in Cook Inlet - stats
  141. Juneau Halibut Bust
  142. Kenai Mouth dipnetting: Delicate Sand
  143. Destroying the Pike, and everything in the water...
  144. This forum
  145. UCI Management
  146. Poll: Move & Reorganize UCI Fisheries Management
  147. Comercial value of pike?
  148. Standard Reading for UCI Management
  149. Should the State Gradually Buy Back 5% of Commercial UCI Salmon Fishing Permits?
  150. Sockeye influence on late run Kenai Kings
  151. Kenai Kings...where's the EO?
  152. Kenai sockeye update
  153. UCI management priority
  154. Overescapement
  155. Alaska Guides Should be Residents....
  156. Week of July 28th Sockeye thread
  157. Kasilof Expanded
  158. Shell Game
  159. King fishing slow and below average per F&G
  160. Lower Kenai Closes for Reds...
  161. 2008 Fish Returns????
  162. "... pretty good fisheries management"
  163. More Sockeye Restrictions Aug. 6
  164. Question about ADF&G Kenai management
  165. Some questions and Ideas
  166. Why the Big Runs?
  167. 2006 Flood and Pink returns
  168. Little Susitna Coho proposal
  169. Measure 4, what happened?
  170. Kenai Hydrocarbon results 2008
  171. Recruiting and Retaining Resident Sport Fishing License Buyers
  172. Predictions for 2009 sockeye runs on the Kenai Peninsula
  173. Proposed Commercial Sport Fish Guide Regulations
  174. ADF&G Cook Inlet Issues paper
  175. Changes to the Kenai Late-run Sockeye Plan
  176. Divisions and controversites in fisheries management
  177. Charter Halibut ruling
  178. Commercials stealing your halibut rights
  179. Why not halibut catch and release?
  180. A must read Cooper River ADF&G
  181. Culvert Replacement
  182. Public Meetings scheduled in Soldotna and Homer
  183. Comm. shrimping??
  184. Fallout Effects on Alska Fisheries from Ted Steven's Conviction
  185. Fishing Guide Services Board
  186. Do you like your shrimp?
  187. If you have enjoyed Shrimping in PWS...
  188. Anchorage tonight....Palmer tommorow night.
  189. Shrimping in PWS
  190. Commercial Shrimping Proposed in PWS
  191. IPHC STAFF recommendations for 2009 Catch Limits
  192. 2009 Statewide Stocking Plan Draft
  193. Ding, Ding, You Ready for Round 2?
  194. Big Brother coming at ya!
  195. One Halibut a day Again, FYI
  196. Swiss Ban C&R fishing
  197. Bering Sea Chinook bycatch
  198. Sports Fishing Economic Survey to be release on 14 JAN
  199. IPHC Slot Limits - Cook Inlet - Answer To Question
  200. Super important read
  201. Economic survey released, here it is.
  202. More compelling sportfish data out today
  203. Upper Kenai Hydro... say it isn't so?
  204. Susitna Valley AC elections
  205. Dismal outlook for Yukon river kings...
  206. Another threat to Alaska fisheries management
  207. Salmon Task Force meeting.
  208. Chuitna coal mining
  209. Kenai River anglers and boaters needed for recreation study
  210. Kenai River turbidity too high
  211. Draft PWS commercial Pot Shrimp Management plan
  212. Legality of this?
  213. chitina dipnetters file suit for subsistence recognition
  214. PWS Shrimping is in trouble
  215. Want More Cook Inlet Kings?
  216. Lawsuit filed by the chitina dipnetters assoc. & aoc
  217. Commercial Shrimp Season In PWS
  218. Putting a lid on kenai river use
  219. Kenai Late Run Sockeye... In-River Goal.
  220. Board of Fish Meeting March 16-20
  221. Burbot For Subsistence
  222. Board Of Fish Meeting Updates - Anyone Have Any From 3/17
  223. Federal lawsuit for takeover of state management
  224. Hatchery fish stocks wasted?
  225. Bering Sea King Salmon By-Catch Press Release
  226. 2009 Sitka Herring Fishery
  227. Kenai Kings in nets
  228. BOF appointment concerns
  229. Council vote to limit Bering Chinook bycatch
  230. 2009 Call For Proposals For Alaska Board Of Fisheries 4/10/2009 deadline
  231. Halibut Charter Moritorium being announced this week
  232. Personal Use fees - illegal?
  233. Deshka River closure
  234. Alaska Fishing Alliance
  235. Gear type vs. Habitat
  236. Bonnie Williams op-ed
  237. Halibut Limits, wow....
  238. One Halibut limit in area 2C
  239. Killer Culverts must be stopped!!!
  240. Meeting planned
  241. Halibut Long-Liners Complaining
  242. 5/18 Public Meeting with AKF&G Regarding Upper Cook Inlet Salmon‏
  243. Strong Stock Management
  244. Jeff Fox (worthy man indeed) quote
  245. Another dismal year for Kings?
  246. CWT Recoveries for Chinook Salmon... Bering Sea and other bycath area's.
  247. 2006-08 Kenai King Early Run Comparison.... Sonar, Harvest, Escapement...
  248. Latest Kenai report.... Fri 5/29/09
  249. Kenai No-wake/speed limit Zone???
  250. Halibut Conservation -What say you?