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  3. Out of State Vessel Registration
  4. Is a "Red Dot" style scope legal to take Big Game in Alaska
  5. What is the definition of "closely attended" in sport fishing?
  6. Alaska Wildlife Trooper enforcement authority
  7. "Closely Attended" ice fishing lines
  8. Spiny Dogfish ( Sand or Mud sharks)
  9. Shooting from a boat
  10. How does AWT define "5 miles" per the Dalton Highway Coridor Management Area?
  11. Are "Tube Flies" legal in fly fishing only waters?
  12. Fish hooked elsewhere than in the mouth
  13. Shooting a charging moose?
  14. Spiny Dogfish (Mud Sharks) Emergency Order and correction of previous post
  15. Bear Baiting and Sent Lures
  16. Alaska Residency for hunting and fishing
  17. Reporting a hunting or fishing violation
  18. Obstruction or hindrance of lawful hunting, fishing, trapping or viewing
  19. Single hook -vs- Treble hook
  20. Number of hooks allowed for Halibut
  21. Looking For a Retired Wildlife Trooper!