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Thread: msr dragonfly burner

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    Default msr dragonfly burner

    what is the most economical fuel that does not put deposits in my new burner?
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    I just use the Coleman fuel in the 1 gallon can that you get at Wal-mart. I've never had an issue with deposits. I know with the Whisperlite, if it starts to build up deposits you just shake it and they come loose. You can do that while it's burning. Not sure on the Dragonfly if it works the same way.
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    I believe the Dragonfly has the same type of shaker jet. I guess it works pretty good, but I use any cheap white gas (Coleman fuel, etc.) and never have had a problem. I give it a shake or two before using it just to keep anything from building up inside. If you burn unleaded auto gas, or kerosene you will have more problems. I imagine leaded aviation gas might be worse yet, but I don't know.


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