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Thread: Willow fishing from boat

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    Default Willow fishing from boat

    Never fished the Willow via boat before, I see there is a closed area between the markers at the mouth until silvers are in. Is there any problem going up river above the markers, just looking for some fish and trying to avoid the crowds. Any reports on Kings being caught around the mouth. Bud

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    its a bit tricky to tell from the current set of Google Earth but there are 3 outlets to Willow Creek, only the southernmost (1st mouth) is closed to boat fishing, the other two are open. I would say your chances of catching a fish at the other two mouths from a boat are probably about the same as from the bank with the combat fisherman at the first bank.

    personally if I had a boat I'd head further upstream to the outlet of Little Willow Creek.

    but then I doubt there is much in the way of any kings up in those streams this year.


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