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Thread: Reports from the North?

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    Default Reports from the North?

    Any one have any reports on how the fishing on the Gulkana, Klutina, or any other streams in that area?

    My family is leaving Alaska for a bit and was wanting to do some fishing on the way out. I am game for what ever I can catch but my wife is wanting to do some Salmon fishing. I think that it is a little early for up there but I figured you guys would be able to give me more accurate information. Should be in that area this coming weekend.


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    Look at my post. Look who showed up! I was one of the few who ventured out for early Sockeye and was rewarded for my efforts. It should only get better as each day passes. Oh, I was also the only one in the campground as well. Priceless!

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    Was that the klu or what? Might head up within a weeks time.
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