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Thread: How long to wait after browns

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    Default How long to wait after browns

    What is a good amount of time to wait after browns cleaned you out to rebait? Last time I was at the bait he came in to within twenty yards of us as we were walking out while we were making alot of noise. Camera had two or three blackies and one brown coming in every night. But don't want to run into that brown again.

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    No set time period, but you'll never see any bears brown or black if you don't rebait. I just fear you have maybe disinterested the 2-3 black bears you had frequenting your site by letting them clean you out.

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    Don't stop baiting maybe not as much. We have a sow and cub (brown) that will eat everything till its gone, 50 pounds of cob will keep them in there a day. So now I put out a 7 gallon bucket of cob ( 25 lbs) everytime I go out. and they don't stay around as long. I have trail cam pics of Browns on the bait and 20 minutes latter a blackie will show up. If there is food the bears will keep coming.


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