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Thread: Where is my AARP card?

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    Default Where is my AARP card?

    I never thought I'd be a motor home owner, but we bought a pretty nice used one (1996) last week. I'm new to this, so how does it work? Is AARP membership automatic when I register the motor home, or do I need to apply for that separately?

    Actually, this is all part of my master plan. The wife isn't into tent camping, but is absolutely willing to go out in the motor home. Now she is talking about more 4 wheelers to tow behind it and even mentioned that maybe I should have a small camper for myself since the motor home might not be as useful for hunting. It has taken years, but I'm starting to have hope that she might be trainable.....
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    AARP lost alot of respect and membership when they stuck their nose in politics with Obama Care. I hope they never recover from it. I do hope you have many wonderful memories with your new to you Motorhome.


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